Meghan and Harry accused of using celebrity tactics to ‘bury the bad news’ about Archewell | Royal

Meghan and Harry accused of using celebrity tactics to ‘bury the bad news’ about Archewell | Royal

Meghan and Harry: Spotify podcast “targeted to the United States”, according to an expert

Meghan and Harry parted ways with the cabinet last year and were determined to find financial independence – and in that regard, they have been a major success in the United States. Harry became impact manager for American start-up BetterUp, while Meghan opened an investment portfolio and invested in California coffee company Clevr Blends. They have also been hugely successful in securing a range of lucrative deals through their new Archewell brand, including with consumer goods company Procter & Gamble and streaming giants Netflix and Spotify.

But their new platform has come under scrutiny for its lack of content; only one program was announced with Netflix and Archewell Productions, while Archewell Audio – the couple’s exclusive podcast with Spotify – released only one episode, the Holiday Special.
The 33-minute episode was meant to honor the holiday season and included clips of the couple’s famous friends – including comedian and presenter James Corden and singer Sir Elton John – reflecting their personal experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since then, the couple have remained silent on the radio with no indication of what their podcast will focus on.

This week, it was reported by Hollywood media Deadline that the couple had just hired veteran producer Rebecca Sananes as audio manager, and that she would start in August.

The deadline said Ms Sananes would be tasked with overseeing the Sussexes podcast after “they abandoned their first effort in December.”

Meghan and Harry accused of using celebrity tactics to ‘bury bad news’ about Archewell (Image: PA)

Meghan and Harry have sought financial independence since leaving cabinet last year (Image: PA)

Passionate Royal Watcher @UKRoyalTea took to Twitter and speculated that this late hire didn’t bode particularly well for the couple’s podcasting adventure.
The account tweeted: “Interesting that for the second time the Sussexes hired someone to oversee a content deal seven to eight months after the original announcement. “

@UKRoyalTea is referring to the Sussexes’ decision to hire Oscar nominated producer Ben Browning to lead their ‘creative activations’ in March – months after signing with streaming titan Netflix.

The story continued, “It’s also interesting that they announced it on a holiday weekend Friday, the timing that celebrities use to bury bad news. “

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Archewell Productions, the branch of the new Sussex platform that works with Netflix (Image :

The news broke on July 2, two days before the United States celebrated Federal Independence Day.

The tweet has over 200 likes and several comments with other Royal Watchers speculating on the type of content the Sussexes want to produce.

One asked why they aren’t replicating the style the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge adopted through their YouTube channel, where they highlight different charitable causes each week.

The Spotify deal, first announced in December, is reportedly worth $ 25million (£ 18million), while the Sussexes’ Netflix deal, announced in September, is said to be worth $ 100million (£ 72million). .

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Meghan Markle and Harry discuss the motivations behind the Spotify podcast

Harry and Meghan in their California home last September

Harry and Meghan in their California home last September (Image: TIME)

This is not the first time that royal watchers have speculated on the success of Archewell Audio, especially since the couple have no experience in this area.

Earlier this year, columnist Alex Webb said: “In a sense Prince Harry and Meghan Markle need the company to be more successful than the music streaming giant.

“What we do know is that this show will be the first serious test of the couple’s creative chops. “

He continued, “Although I’m sure the CEO of Spotify [Daniel] Ek wants their production to be convincing, the deal doesn’t pose a significant risk to him.

Harry and Meghan's romantic timeline

Harry and Meghan’s romantic timeline dating back to 2016 (Image :

“The Sussexes will bring an audience with them and therefore subscribers, regardless of the quality of the show. “

Writing for Bloomberg, he claimed the company believed there was enough content to hold back any new Sussex-brought in – meaning “a lot of the risk” falls on the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. .

The columnist explained, “Spotify could easily abandon them if the data shows that they no longer appeal to listeners. “

The couple have about four months left of their recently announced five-month hiatus as they wanted to focus on newborn daughter Lilibet Diana and two-year-old son Archie Harrison.

This means the couple likely won’t be releasing any new Archewell Audio content anytime soon.


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