Meet landlords forced to bribe tenants to vacate properties – .

Meet landlords forced to bribe tenants to vacate properties – .

A recent report from the University of York found that landlords who feared increasingly restrictive regulations could hinder eviction paid problematic tenants to move out.

Dr Julie Rugg, author of the report, said the practice most often applied in cases of antisocial tenants or when huge arrears had accumulated. “A landlord won’t ask a good tenant to leave, so payments like this can represent landlord burnout. “

Jeff Smith, 58, is an owner of approximately 200 tenants. Speaking under a pseudonym, he said: “I have two tenants that I offered to pay to leave. One was £ 20,000 in arrears, the other £ 12,000 in arrears, and I offered to find them each accommodation and pay the first month’s rent and the deposit. I was going to clear their arrears.

Mr Smith expected to pay £ 2,000-2,500 in each case to cover costs, but in both cases his offer was rejected. “They wanted to be relocated by the town hall and they were told to wait for the bailiffs. “

Tenants who receive allowances will not receive cash incentives as they are likely to invalidate their housing applications with local councils. “If a tenant is receiving benefits, offering an incentive to leave is a problem because the council then intentionally considers them homeless,” Smith said.


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