Marilyn Manson surrenders to police for assault warrant – .

Marilyn Manson surrenders to police for assault warrant – .

Singer Marilyn Manson has been arrested by California police after surrendering on an outstanding warrant from New Hampshire.

Chief Anthony J. Bean Burpee of the Gilford Police Department in New Hampshire confirmed that Manson, real name Brian Hugh Warner, surrendered to Los Angeles Police on July 2 on warrant for “alleged acts of took place on August 19. , 2019, during a concert at the Bank of New Hampshire Pavilion in Gilford, NH. “

The Gilford Police Department said in May that the arrest warrant for two counts of violent misdemeanor was issued in October 2019 and that Manson had “been aware of the warrant for some time,” NBC reported News.

Manson was treated and released on “personal commitment bond” and other conditions, including that he had no contact with the alleged victim, Burpee wrote.

“As an agency, we are delighted with Mr. Warner’s decision to finally respond to the arrest warrant that has been outstanding since 2019,” Burpee said in a statement.

Burpee said Manson’s court date would be set after authorities in New Hampshire received the bail documents by mail from Los Angeles.

“Mr. Warner’s attorney will know that date once it is confirmed with him,” Burpee said.

Kent M. Barker, Manson’s attorney, did not immediately respond to an NBC News request for comment.

A representative for Manson declined to comment.

When the arrest warrant was first made public in May, Howard King, an attorney for Manson called the allegations “ridiculous” and said: “It is no secret that anyone who attended a concert of Marilyn Manson which he likes to be provocative on stage, in particular in front of a camera.

“This tort complaint was pursued after we received a request from a local videographer for more than $ 35,000 after a small amount of spit came in contact with their arm. After asking for evidence of alleged damage, we never received a response, ”said King mentioned.

A slew of allegations have been made against Manson in recent months, all unrelated to the New Hampshire arrest warrant.

Phoebe Bridgers said in February she saw Manson point out what he called a rape room in his house when she visited him as a teenager.

Her statement on Twitter came days after actor Evan Rachel Wood, Manson’s former partner, said the singer had abused her.

In an Instagram post shared on the same day as Wood’s accusation, Manson said that “my art and my life have long been controversial magnets, but these recent claims about me are horrendous distortions of reality. My intimate relationships have always been entirely consensual with like- Regardless of how and why others now choose to distort the past, it’s the truth. “

The LA County Sheriff has confirmed that he has launched a domestic violence investigation against the gothic rock star.

In April, Manson was sued by Game of Thrones actor Esmé Bianco, who claimed to have suspended fraudulent work opportunities and used “force and / or threats of force” to achieve his ends.

In response to Bianco’s lawsuit, King said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE magazine that the singer “will vigorously challenge these allegations in court.”

“To be clear, this lawsuit was only filed after my client refused to be shaken by Ms. Bianco and her lawyer and give in to their outrageous financial demands based on conduct that simply never happened. take place, ”King wrote in the release.

In May, Manson’s former personal assistant also sued him, alleging sexual exploitation and psychological abuse; Manson’s representative at the time denied any accusation of assault.

Also in May, an anonymous ex-partner of Manson filed a lawsuit under the name of “Jane Doe” alleging that the singer had raped her; a member of Manson’s team “strongly denied” the allegations in a statement at the time to NBC News.

An Esme Bianco representative told NBC News that the FBI and LAPD had interviewed Bianco several times since February and that she was in active conversation with law enforcement.

The FBI has said it will not confirm or deny any investigation.

Manson, through a spokesperson, declined to comment on the allegation that authorities questioned Bianco.

The LAPD declined to provide further comment.


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