Map reveals neighborhoods with lowest coronavirus vaccination rates in England – .

Map reveals neighborhoods with lowest coronavirus vaccination rates in England – .

The development of the coronavirus vaccine has been a major breakthrough in the global fight against the virus and since their first release, people have been scrambling to get their first dose.
All adults can now register to receive their first dose of the vaccine, while those a little older may have already received their second vaccine.

The vaccine rollout was hailed by Cabinet ministers as a huge success. So much so that reports suggest the government is considering removing many of the restrictions we have been forced to endure over the past 18 months.

Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said the impact of the vaccine meant the government could “switch to a much more permissive regime” with England moving away “from one of these restrictions” from the 19 July.

Speaking on Sky News’ Trevor Phillips On Sunday, he said: “I think we are now reaching a different phase of the virus. We are not going to leave the Covid-19 virus behind us forever, we are going to have to learn to live with it.

“But with the huge success of our immunization program, the fact that we’ve gotten to the point where 83% of adults in this country have had at least one vaccine, we should be able to think about how we can get back to normality as much as possible. “

But while most people are anxious to get vaccinated, there are parts of the country where the vaccination rate is incredibly low.

The map below shows the percentage of adults in each region who have received a coronavirus vaccine. The darker the red, the lower the vaccination rate.

The map has been divided into Super Middle Layer Exit Areas (MSOA), which are often described as neighborhoods and are areas containing around 7,000 people. Figures are based on government data as of July 2, 2021.

It reveals that the Cathedral & Kelham area in Sheffield has the lowest vaccination rate in England, with just 8% of adults receiving the vaccine. The broader absorption level in Sheffield is 54%.

Meanwhile, Oxford Central has the second lowest utilization rate at 11.4%.

The areas with the lowest vaccination are:

  1. Cathédrale et Kelham, Sheffield – 8%
  2. Oxford Central, Oxford – 11,4%
  3. City of Durham, County Durham – 11.5%
  4. Leeds City Center, Leeds – 11.6%
  5. University and Little Woodhouse, Leeds – 12.2%
  6. Quartier Devonshire, Sheffield – 12,4%
  7. Université North & Whitworth Street, Manchester – 13,6%
  8. Central et Islington, Liverpool – 13,7%
  9. City Center and Arthur’s Hill, Newcastle upon Tyne – 14.6%
  10. Arboretum, Forest & Trent University, Nottingham – 14,7%

Garstang & Catterall, in Wyre, Northwest, has the highest vaccination rate in the country at 85.1%. It is followed by Yarmouth & Freshwater, on the Isle of Wight, where 82.9% of adults have been vaccinated.

Use the map to find out what percentage of people have received the vaccine in your area.

The data displayed on the map is taken from the government’s official coronavirus dashboard. The vaccination percentage by vaccination date is calculated by dividing the total number of vaccinations given to people aged 18 and over by the number of people aged 18 and over on the National Immunization Management Service (NIMS).

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