Man finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching across China – National – .

Man finds kidnapped son after 24 years of searching across China – National – .

A man finally found his kidnapped son after a 24-year hunt across China, distributing leaflets about the missing, which burned his savings and left him in massive debt.

Guo Gangtang, 51, began searching for her then 2-year-old son after being kidnapped in 1997 from their home in a village in eastern Shandong Province.

After initial efforts found no trace of her son, Guo refused to give up and began a decades-long search.

Guo traveled to China on a motorbike with a flag attached to his lost son’s image and carrying a bag full of flyers.

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Police found a man matching his son’s description in central Henan Province in June, state news agency Xinhua reported. After a DNA test confirming the relationship, a family reunion with her son Guo Xinzhen, 26, now a teacher, was held on Sunday.

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Guo’s son was found after the Ministry of Public Security launched a nationwide campaign in January to resolve unresolved child abduction cases.

Police have located and rescued 2,609 missing or abducted children this year, including adults who went missing or kidnapped as children. A victim was found after 61 years.

Guo’s motorcycle trip of about 500,000 km (311,000 miles) took him to most of China’s provinces. He also passed through 10 motorcycles.

In 2012, Guo created a “Tianya Xunqin” website which translates to “Find Your Family at the End of the World”. It has since helped dozens of people locate their family members, he told local media.

Guo Gangtang’s story has been covered extensively by local media over the years and inspired the 2015 hit film “Lost and Love” starring Chinese megastar Andy Lau as a Guo-based character. .

“I have found my son and want to get back to normal life as soon as possible,” Guo said in a video on his Tiktok social media page on Tuesday.


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