Man Bitten By 5ft Snake “In Genital Area” While Sitting On Toilet At Home – .

Man Bitten By 5ft Snake “In Genital Area” While Sitting On Toilet At Home – .

A 65-year-old man woke up abruptly after a reticulated python bit him while sitting on the toilet at home.
The man, who has not been named, went to the toilet around 6 a.m. and felt a “pinch in the genitals” shortly after sitting on the toilet.

He then turned to see a 1.5 meter albino snake in the toilet bowl.

The reticulated python, a constrictor native to Asia that can grow to nearly 30 feet in length, is said to have found its way into the toilet via the building drain network in the Austrian city of Graz.

Police said in a statement: “Shortly after sitting on the toilet, the Graz resident – on his own – felt a ‘pinch’ in his genitals. “

The man had to be hospitalized for minor injuries.

A reptile expert contacted by emergency services took the snake out of the toilet, cleaned it up, and returned it to its owner.

Although the snake’s alleged route down the toilet could not be confirmed, it is believed to have escaped from a neighbor’s apartment.

The 24-year-old neighbor, who possesses 11 nonvenous constrictor snakes, was reported to the prosecutor’s office on suspicion of negligently causing bodily harm, police said.

Reticulated pythons, native to Southeast Asia, are the largest snakes in the world and do not attack humans by nature. Their natural diet consists of mammals and sometimes birds.

Although they are not poisonous, they will twitch or bite if they feel threatened or mistaken for food.

There have been numerous reports of reticulated pythons killing humans throughout history. The latest report dates back to June 2020 when a 16-year-old Indonesian boy was suffocated to death by a 7m python near a waterfall in Bombana Regency in southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

An adult reticulated python can open its jaws wide enough to swallow a human because their lower jaws are not directly attached to their skull, but human shoulder width can be a problem for them.


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