Macron’s anti-Covid measures – .

Macron’s anti-Covid measures – .

President Macron announced this evening (July 12) new measures aimed at slowing the spread of the Covid Delta variant with a focus on vaccination.
They include compulsory vaccination for some workers, and much more use health pass to access the different areas of daily life.

In a televised speech, President Macron said that currently deaths and hospitalizations from Covid are at their lowest for a year; however the Delta variant – “three times more contagious than the original version of the virus – was a concern, especially as it” rushes into all areas not covered by vaccination “.

If nothing is done now, cases will continue to rise sharply and there will be an increase in hospitalizations next month, the president said. However, all the vaccines used in France “provide solid protection”: “They reduce its power of contamination by 12 and prevent 95% of serious forms”.

He added: “The equation is simple: the more we vaccinate, the less room there will be for the virus to spread, the more hospitalizations we will avoid and the more we will avoid other mutations of the virus which could be even more dangerous. “

The key points of his announced plan to control the spread of the Delta variant are:

  • Covid-19 vaccinations now compulsory for all staff (health and non-health) working in hospitals, clinics, retirement homes, establishments for disabled people, and all workers or volunteers who work in contact with elderly or vulnerable people, including included in their homes
  • The checks and penalties to ensure that this compulsory vaccination rule is respected from September 15. Health Minister Olivier Véran said those who are not vaccinated will not be able to work, and will not be paid.
  • It will probably be necessary to consider “compulsory vaccination for all in France”, warned President Macron, but he clarified that for the moment the government chooses to “trust” people to be vaccinated voluntarily “as soon as possible. “.
  • Mandatory health pass for all ages 12 and over to participate in events of more than 50 people from July 21. It will be extended to cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, hospitals, retirement homes, planes, trains and coaches for long-distance journeys from the beginning of August (to be confirmed by parliamentary vote). The long-distance journeys concerned will include TGV and Intercités trains, inter-regional coach journeys and all domestic and international flights. Local trains, buses or trams will not be affected.
  • Booster doses for older people who were vaccinated in January or February and whose antibody and immunity levels may soon begin to decline. The first appointments can be made from the beginning of September
  • High school and university students: New vaccination campaigns to start after the summer in schools
  • Non-medically proven, prescription-proven Covid-19 PCR tests will no longer be free from this fall. This targets the tests necessary to meet travel and leisure.
  • Stricter border controls for travelers from “at-risk countries” with forced self-isolation for unvaccinated people
  • A state of health emergency will be declared from tomorrow for Martinique and Reunion, and a curfew will be established. Such measures will be avoided in metropolitan France unless the incidence rate in a department exceeds 200 cases per 100.00 / week and hospitalizations increase. In this case, the prefects could take special measures.

The health pass

France Health Pass (health pass) refers to:

  • A Covid-19 test (rapid antigen or PCR) showing a negative result and carried out within the last 48 hours
  • A Covid-19 vaccination certificate
  • A Covid-19 test (rapid antigen or PCR) showing a positive Covid-19 result, carried out between two weeks and six months from the date of the test

These documents can be displayed in paper format, digitally or via the TousAntiCovid phone application.

A pass is currently required to participate in events of more than 1,000 people.

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