Macron calls for unity after huge anti-vaccination protests in France – LIVE – .

Macron calls for unity after huge anti-vaccination protests in France – LIVE – .

FFrench President Emmanuel Macron has appealed for national unity to fight the resurgence of the coronavirus and has attacked those who fuel anti-vaccination sentiment and protests.

Around 160,000 people demonstrated across France on Saturday against a special Covid-19 pass for restaurants and compulsory vaccinations for health workers.

Many demonstrators shouted “Freedom! And said the government should not tell them what to do.
Mr. Macron went to a hospital in French Polynesia on Saturday evening.
He asked, “What is your freedom worth if you tell me ‘I don’t want to get vaccinated’, but tomorrow you infect your father, your mother or myself?
He said the protesters are “free to speak in a calm and respectful manner,” but added that the protests will not make the coronavirus go away.

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The Covid-19 Bereved Families for Justice group, which criticized Sajid Javid’s initial tweet as “deeply insensitive”, said the health secretary was right to apologize

The group also repeated an earlier request for Mr Javid to walk with him on the national Covid memorial wall “to understand the hurt and the insult that his bad word choice remains.”

Dame Meg Hillier, chair of the Public Accounts Committee, said government needs to ensure stored PPE is not wasted

Speaking on LBC on Sunday about the committee’s report which revealed 10,000 shipping containers of PPE remained to be unpacked, Dame Meg said taxpayer money was in those containers.
She added: “This is a large amount of expensive kit, we have to make sure it gets to the right place.
“The main thing is to know what they are [the Government] do logistics to ensure that stocks are not wasted.

Police Minister Kit Malthouse apologized for border delays suggesting airline staff could also benefit from isolation exemptions to alleviate ‘pingemia’

He told Times Radio: “I know that Border Force is one of the frontline services that will be able to access more of this test and publication.
‘And I think at Heathrow yesterday we had a technical issue with the electronic gates where they broke down for about 90 minutes which caused a problem and I’m so sorry and sorry for them. people who have been disturbed.
“I hope Border Force is relieved of some of the aspects of pingemia. “
When asked if airline staff could also benefit from exemptions, he replied, “Yes, we would be in conversation with employers.

Football Supporters’ Association president Malcolm Clarke said the idea that only fully vaccinated fans could attend Premier League games is a ‘risk’

He told Times Radio: “Some of our members are totally against this and think it is an attack on their civil liberties or that they do not want to be vaccinated, while others say it is. perfectly reasonable.
“I think my main concern is making sure everything is running smoothly operationally. I think if they want to do it with big football crowds, they have to have the resources to do the checks. I am not convinced that all football clubs will be able to handle this in a way that does not cause chaos.
“There will certainly be football fans who will be an incentive, who are desperate to come back on the pitch and watch their teams.
“There may be others who will say you know what, I got used to being without going to the games and that’s the last straw, I’m not coming back. How it breaks down between these two groups and everything in between, I wouldn’t want to predict.
“But I think there is some risk that football will lose some of its paying customers unless it is handled very carefully. “

Mourners criticize Sajid Javid for suggesting that people have “curled up” in the face of Covid

Health Secretary Sajid Javid’s suggestion that the nation should not ‘curl up’ against the coronavirus has been criticized as ‘deeply insensitive’ by those who have lost loved ones to Covid-19.
Covid-19 bereaved families for justice joined opposition MPs in calling the Cabinet minister’s remark an insult to those who have protected themselves and those who have stayed at home to protect society.
Mr Javid said on Saturday that he had “fully recovered” and that his “symptoms were very mild, thanks to amazing vaccines”, of which he had received two doses.
“Please, if you haven’t already, get your jab on, as we learn to live with it, rather than curl up against this virus,” he wrote on Twitter.
Covid-19 Bereved Families for Justice co-founder Jo Goodman said Mr Javid’s comments “are deeply insensitive on many levels.”

Six million people could suffer trauma during the holidays if Spain and Greece join French restrictions

The summer vacation plans of nearly six million Britons could be ruined if Spain and Greece follow France on the ‘amber plus’ list requiring isolation on return, according to one analysis.
Labor has said around 5,857,558 people face the prospect of last-minute quarantine requirements to protect themselves from the spread of the coronavirus after booking trips during the ‘summer of chaos’.
The government has introduced an exemption from the 10-day home isolation requirement for fully vaccinated holidaymakers returning from Orange List countries.
But ministers removed the exemption for France over concerns over the beta variant, creating what critics are calling an “amber plus” designation on the traffic light system for overseas travel.
There has been speculation that Greece and Spain could face the same measures as France, although the government has not confirmed this.

Prime Minister tries to focus on crime after Priti Patel reprimand and ‘pingdemia’ row

Boris Johnson will look to focus on crime-fighting when he comes out of solitary confinement to counter criticism of the ‘pingemia’ and police anger against Home Secretary Priti Patel.
The Prime Minister is expected to unveil his new “crime plan” on Tuesday after leaving quarantine in his retirement from Checkers country following contact with coronavirus.
As he entered his third year at No 10, Mr Johnson pledged to ensure that every victim of crime has ‘an appointed officer to call – someone who is immediately by your side’.
His government has faced anger at Covid-19 rules causing staff shortages as infections soar during his isolation due to contact with Health Secretary Sajid Javid.


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