Luntz advised Biden’s COVID-19 team – .

Luntz advised Biden’s COVID-19 team – .

Veteran GOP pollster Frank Luntz advised President BidenJoe Biden Alabama Army Base Orders Troops To Show Evidence Of Vaccination Amid Rising COVID-19 Cases Maricopa County, Ariz., Approves M For New On The Money Counting Machines: Democrats reach agreement on .5T target | Biden rallies Democrats: ‘We’ll get there’ MOREfrom the WHO COVID-19 team, sharing research with the White House to help develop strategies to encourage hesitant people to get vaccinated.
Andy Slavitt, who resigned as senior advisor to the White House’s COVID-19 response effort last month, told Politico that Luntz, unofficially, had invited staff from the task force on the White House coronavirus in focus groups.

The White House also invited the pollster to participate in a number of information calls that took place with television networks, where conversations focused on how certain languages ​​used on air could potentially politicize. the response to the pandemic.

Luntz confirmed the White House had approached him amid the country’s COVID-19 response, telling Politico “The Biden team didn’t ask me anything. They just said, “Whatever you find, we want to know”.

Luntz compared these efforts to those of the former President TrumpDonald Trump’s generals feared Trump would attempt a post-election coup and had an informal plan to stop him: the book Maricopa County in Arizona Endorses M for new vote-counting machines. Biden rallies Democrats: ‘We’ll get there’ MORE, claiming that Biden’s predecessor “didn’t care about the research we started doing.”

“It’s more than Trump did. Trump didn’t care what research we started doing. the [Trump] The White House was not interested in it, it was not promoting it, ”Luntz told the outlet.

Slavitt said he was the first to approach Luntz early in the pandemic to help with the response. He said the pollster provided plenty of detail on focus group research that helped the administration recognize the best ways to talk to people about vaccine safety.

Luntz dismissed people who were surprised to learn that the veteran GOP pollster would help a Democratic administration, telling Politico “I don’t care if people laugh at me.”

When asked if his work with Biden’s White House would further hurt his relationship with conservatives like Fox News Tucker CarlsonDemocrat Tucker CarlsonTexas tweets breakfast photo to Fox News: “You should pay me” CNN: Tucker Carlson “furious” at Fox News executives for failing to defend his allegations of NSA spying Rand Paul Calls for investigation into allegations of Tucker Carlson spying by NSA PLUS, who criticized him last year for renting a room from House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthyKevin McCarthy Former Oklahoma City Thunder Employee Pleads Guilty To Illegal Demonstration In Capitol Riot Bernice King Strikes GOP: “Beyond Insult” For Abusing MLK Teachings To Oppose critical race theory (R-Calif.), Luntz told Politico “I don’t care.”

Slavitt said the information Luntz provided was useful and fit with the framework the administration was already using: focusing on hyper-local outreach, such as doctors contacting their patients to encourage them to get vaccinated.

Luntz, however, took a hit on the administration’s door-to-door vaccine advocacy strategy, which has come under fire from Republicans. The pollster said that “the probability of success is extremely low”.

One strategy Luntz has declared effective is to involve Trump in the administration’s vaccination campaign.

“I think Joe Biden needs to say explicitly, ‘President Trump, tell your people to get vaccinated… If you don’t, explain why. And if you don’t, stop trying to take credit for developing the vaccine because what good is the vaccine if people don’t get it, ”Luntz told Politico.

The pollster revealed in May, during an appearance on Chelsea Clinton’s podcast “In fact with Chelsea Clinton,” that he cried while receiving his COVID-19v vaccine.

“I’m going to recognize you something, I don’t even want to look at you when I say that.” When I got the vaccine, the first injection in my arm, I started crying because I had a pre-existing condition, I had been damaged from last year, and this injection for me was life itself- even. It was actually, I’m going to live, and I didn’t know that for six or seven months, ”Luntz said.


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