Luis Rojas of the Mets suspended two games for excessive argument with the referees – .

Luis Rojas of the Mets suspended two games for excessive argument with the referees – .

CINCINNATI – New York Mets coach Luis Rojas was suspended for two games on Monday and fined for arguing excessively with the referees, an explosion that followed a bizarre game a day earlier in Pittsburgh.
Rojas was scheduled to begin serving his suspension Monday night in Cincinnati. He said he had not been given the opportunity to appeal. The amount of the fine was not disclosed.

Bench coach Dave Jauss will take on the leadership role.

“I’m a little upset to miss the next two games,” Rojas said before entering batting practice. “I missed the team for 8 2/3 (innings) yesterday, without being able to watch from the dugout. But the league has to do what it has to do. We know how hot things get sometimes. “

Mets starter Taijuan Walker made a huge mistake in the first inning on Sunday with goals loaded and the Pirates leading 3-0. Kevin Newman hit a dribbler down the line and the ball started in foul territory, but then started coming back to the line.

Walker dove in and kicked the ball, trying to make contact while still foul. But TV reruns showed the ball hit chalk when Walker hit it, and home plate umpire Jeremy Riggs called it a fair ball.

Walker turned to argue the appeal as the balloon rolled towards the Pirates’ shelter. No Mets reacted to retrieve it and the three Pittsburgh runners came to score.

Walker said he didn’t realize the ball was still in play. Rojas immediately ran to discuss the appeal and was ejected. He said he wanted the referees to meet to make sure the decision was correct, even though the game was not reviewable.

“I got hot because it was a bad decision,” Rojas said on Monday. “He played an embarrassing game. This is what led me to step up the way I did it. It’s the heat of the action, the game. Getting closer and arguing. I wanted this to be checked with the other referees and I was refused. I firmly believe it was a fault. I would like a game like this to be reviewable. “

Rojas said he would watch Monday night’s game on TV. He had to leave the clubhouse after pre-game training.

“I will be supporting guys,” Rojas said.


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