Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick touts Texas’ COVID approach, says CPAC should stay in Lone Star state – .

“I will never let this happen” – .

DALLAS – Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said on Friday that the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) should stay in Texas permanently, as he touted the state’s COVID-19 approach that the president of the conference, Matt Schlapp, said he was part of the reason he chose to host an additional conference in Dallas.

“We have been the leader,” said Patrick, on lifting coronavirus health restrictions. ” In April [2020] I said don’t listen to Fauci. I think everyone has now learned not to listen to Fauci… We just collected the highest sales tax collection in our state’s history two months in a row and we still have one hand tied behind our backs with it. ‘economy.

CPAC Dallas is a first for the American Conservative Union, the organization that manages the conferences. Usually, CPAC is an annual event. That first year was in Orlando, Florida. But President Matt Schlapp said he felt the need to recognize Texas this year and decided to do so by hosting a second conference in 2021 in Dallas.

“During CPAC Orlando with [Florida] Govt. [Ron] DeSantis leadership, you know, they opened up Florida, ”Schlapp told Fox News. “When we got back from CPAC Orlando, we said, look, Texas is the next great state, they’re open. We should reward them and we should do another great lecture. We didn’t know how big it would be, but it’s going to be big. “

Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick speaks during the opening general session of the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday, July 9, 2021 in Dallas. (Photo AP / LM Otero)


“There is a resettlement in America of people who want to have open schools, open churches,” Schlapp continued. “People who want to prosper economically without a lot of government assistance are moving to states like Texas and Florida and South Carolina and other places. “

Reacting to those comments, Patrick said CPAC, which is traditionally held in Maryland just outside of Washington, DC, should stay in Texas permanently.

“CPAC, we are not only happy that they came, we hope they will stay and move their headquarters here,” he said.

Patrick also addressed the massive influx of migrants to the southern border on Friday, which led former President Donald Trump and Vice President Kamal Harris to visit the state. When asked if he was happy with Harris’ recent visit to the border, Patrick said no.


” Completely the opposite. Disappointed, ”he said. “Disappointed that she didn’t meet real people. She mainly met with government officials. She has not spoken to our overworked breeders. She has not spoken to our overwhelmed citizens. Our mayors who are overwhelmed It was just a campaign stunt – a publicity stunt, that’s all. “

Vice President Kamala Harris speaks to the press gathered under the wing of Air Force Two as she prepares to depart for Mexico from Guatemala Air Force Central Command on Monday, June 7, 2021 (AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin)

Harris, after his visit to the border, emphasized his strategy of putting at the forefront of his approach the alleged causes of border problems such as misery in Central American countries, rather than border security, on which the Republicans insist.

“As you’ve all heard me say time and time again, I firmly believe that most people don’t want to leave home. And when they do, it is either because they are fleeing an evil or because staying means they cannot support themselves. basic necessities for their families, ”she said from El Paso, Texas. “This belief has grown stronger throughout our day today. Whether it’s when I’ve met unaccompanied minor children, or when I’ve met leaders who have been on the ground in El Paso for many years doing work that is directly supporting and interacting with people who immigrate. into the United States and crossing that border. “


Patrick also slammed Harris for visiting El Paso rather than McAllen, Texas, alleging McAllen is where the biggest problems lie. “She went to the wrong place,” he said.

The lieutenant governor, who spoke to CPAC on Friday, also said Democrats aimed to attract more migrants to the United States in order to strengthen their grip on the electorate.

“They are at fault. They want this to happen because they want millions of people to come to America, turn them into citizens, into voters, so they can take control of the country, ”said Patrick. “They’re not careless… They’re okay with it like that.” “

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