Love Island stars reeling as Toby reconnects with Abigail and dumps Chloe – .

Love Island stars reeling as Toby reconnects with Abigail and dumps Chloe – .

This season of Love Island is finally giving viewers the drama they deserve.
In Thursday’s episode, a recoupling took place – just a day after three new bombs went off to shake things up – and Toby Aromolaran shocked the villa when he decided to ditch Chloe Burrows in favor of Abigail Rawlings.

The hunk decided to leave Chloe’s future on the show in jeopardy following a heated argument the night before – despite the fact that they had been strong in the past few weeks after leaving Kaz Kamwi to continue. the blonde.

He told the villa: “One of my main goals is not to live with regrets but with lessons, so I have to be true to myself, which is why I would like to pair up with him. this girl is her fun aspect, her conversation is fluid and it’s straight vibes. “

He then added: “So I’m going to pair up with Abi!” “

After Toby announced his choice, which he said was “his toughest decision,” the rest of the islanders did little to hide their annoyance from him – with shocked looks on their faces.

Toby appeared swayed to say goodbye to Chloe a day after they had a heated argument over him “disrespecting” Chloe while flirting with Abigail.

Chloe Burrows no longer associated with Toby Aromolaran

During the confrontation, Chloe was fuming: “I don’t really have much to tell you I think it’s a little crazy!” “

Pointing out her behavior with Abigail, she added, “It should have been closed if you love me, tie your arms, flirt, that’s disrespectful, laughable!” “

Toby defended himself by retaliating: “I didn’t kiss a girl! “

He then underlined that they had to be tested as a couple, before Chloe fired: “It’s not a test for me, it’s for you! You failed !

“You should have told me if you wanted to move on.”

Toby then apologized, saying, “If you’re feeling disrespectful, then I’m sorry for that. “

Triggered by Toby’s lack of empathy, Chloe ran away crying.

He then claimed in the beach hut that he wanted to stay with Chloe, before sharing that he wanted to get to know Abigail.

Later, Toby approached Chloe for another conversation near the fireplace.

Chloe admitted that she was “shocked” by what he said and had nothing more to say.

The leggy star wanted clarification on her feelings for Abigail, so asked, “Do you want to get to know her? “

Toby said it was “like a test” before Chloe shared that they are on different pages.

He then said that they should “sleep on it” and see how they feel in the morning.

He decided to move forward a few moments after a row

The next morning, Toby was seen chatting with Abigail in the kitchen and then working out in the gym with her.

Watching, Chloe said that if he “was going to transplant it all day” she was going to “cancel it”.

She then told her girlfriend Lucinda Strafford that her actions made her back down rather than fight for their romance.

Hugo Hammond later agreed with Chloe that Toby’s actions were not taking place because he “can’t have his cake and then eat it.”

Hugo asked, “Do you think you’re done?

Chloe confessed that she thinks she’s done with Toby.

Toby then asked Chloe for another catch up and asked her where her head was.

Chloe shared earlier that Toby had ‘disrespected’ her with his actions.

She admitted her head was not going to be turned, then said that if he was willing to get to know Abigail, she was “getting rid of” him now.

Toby asked, “Is it too far or recoverable?” “

Chloe then told him that not knowing whether he wanted her or Abigail was a clue that they weren’t in the best place.

In the evening, Toby then spoke to Abigail and told her that he was taking a step back from Chloe and was ready to “get to know her”.

Chloe saw the duo talking and burst into tears as she spoke to Millie and Liam.

Toby decided to go into a relationship with Abigail
Toby decided to go into a relationship with Abigail and left Chloe solo

She then said, “The best thing for me is to lock it down” and they agreed.

A text message then arrived letting them know that a recoupling was taking place.

Chloe exclaimed: “What if I’m dumped? “

Toby looked worried before Abigail said, “You do it, have fun!” “

Fans predicted that Toby would end up with Abigail after she rushed for him in Wednesday’s episode.

He was the first guy Abigail pulled in for a conversation and immediately started flirting with him, from asking her zodiac sign and age to mentioning that she loves footballers.

Chloe was left in the last two

Toby was confused at one point when she asked about her pillow conversation, before seeking out information about her romance with Chloe.

When he admitted he was open to getting to know other girls, Abigail said it was interesting – but their exchange didn’t go unnoticed by his current partner Chloe.

Chloe then pulled Toby in for a chat with her and confessed that she was annoyed with him and felt assaulted.

She called him so that she hadn’t spoken to him all morning or the day before after they were almost dumped from the villa.

Toby couldn’t see what he had done wrong, angering Chloe even more as she suggested that her age and the lack of girlfriends could be to blame.

As Toby called the comment unfair, she suggested that maybe it didn’t come naturally to her how to handle the situation.

As they sat in awkward silence, they kissed before Chloe ranted at the other girls before bursting into tears.

It seems the tension between Chloe and Toby continued after their conversation and got too much when the pairing happened.


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