Love Island fans angry as Jake goes into hiding with Liberty after ‘assaulting’ her – .

Love Island fans angry as Jake goes into hiding with Liberty after ‘assaulting’ her – .

Love Island fans are angry with Jake after courting Liberty at the shelter despite “assaulting” her with the boys.
In tonight’s episode (Monday, July 5), Jake Cornish and his partner Liberty Poole were chosen to spend a night together at the shelter.

Jake celebrated by jumping into the pool before the couple got ready for a night out on their own.

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Jake gave beauty Brummie a massage as they talked about their budding romance.

But their coupling doesn’t suit viewers of the show, who say they “can’t watch Jake pretend to be in Liberty anymore.”

“How the boys let Liberty enter the hideout with Jake knowing what he said about her…” one viewer tweeted.

“Until a blonde girl with blue eyes comes in so Jaker shows her true colors,” said another.

It comes after Jake, 24, confessed that he couldn’t see himself staying true to the blonde, admitting that “my head could definitely be turned” to Hugo in the Friday night episode.

He said: “To be honest Libs gives me no reason not to trust him…

“It’s moving in the right direction, I don’t know if it’s because my eyes are not elsewhere.

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“I would be lying if I didn’t say that if another blonde came in and she had blonde hair, blue eyes, ready to laugh, why wouldn’t I know her because I’m with Lib?”

“It’s building, building, building, it’s getting there, but it’s not there. “

But the morning after his night out with Liberty, Jake confessed to Liberty that he would be “ready to get to know” other girls.

Jake says: « If there was a girl coming here who was my type, and you know my type, I would like to get to know her. We are here for the same reason. If there was a boy and he was your type, you would still get to know him.



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