Long wait times at the Far West Side post office force residents to demand a solution – .

Long wait times at the Far West Side post office force residents to demand a solution – .

SAINT ANTHONY – A simple race to pick up mail or a letterbox key has become a dreaded chore for some residents of the far west.

Those using the post office off Richland Hills have said wait times are extremely long and this is a problem for those who need their mail.

Morgan Webber said the worst situation she had seen involved “probably a hundred people” lining up outside.

“People aren’t happy and it’s the end of the day,” added Webber.

Another frustrated customer, Ben Velardi, said he waited an hour and a half just to get his mail key.

Webber, on the other hand, avoids the queue and the one to two hour wait at all costs. She said she even made her own shipping labels at home.

Both residents believe the biggest problem is that the post office only has one person working at the window.

“Hire more people and just organize better… whatever they do doesn’t work,” Webber said.

We contacted the United States Postal Service and they sent us this statement.

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“La Poste values ​​its customers and always strives to provide them with the best possible service. We apologize for any inconvenience that may have been experienced by guests of the Heritage Station. Local Postal Agents are aware of the persistent wait time issues and report that they are actively working on several initiatives to more effectively serve our valued customers, including plans to allocate more resources to expedite the key process. We appreciate the understanding and patience of our customers as we work to resolve this issue. “

As to the date when these additional resources would be made available, it was not given.

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