London streets underwater as storm hits capital – .

London streets underwater as storm hits capital – .

SSome streets of London were under water when a storm erupted in south London on Monday.

Dramatic photographs captured cars submerged in water in the capital after a flash flood.

London firefighters have received more than 150 calls reporting flooding in southwest London.
It comes as the Met Office has issued flood warnings across the country.
Londoners have been urged to be careful during extreme weather conditions.
London firefighters tweeted: ‘Our 999 screening officers responded to over 150 flood incident calls across #SWLondon. Please only call 999 in an emergency. During a flood, only go outside if you have to. Avoid walking in flood waters and be extra careful on the roads.
Met Office meteorologist Steven Keates told The Standard: “This morning there was particularly heavy rain around Bournemouth and Poole and we saw 50 to 75mm of rain in one or two places.
“We have also spotted local flooding, but that has eased now, but we have seen heavy showers breaking all over at different times.
“Just south of London towards Hampshire a storm has just broken out as I speak and some heavy downpours are expected in parts of Devon and South Wales. There are other areas with heavier showers and persistent rain in parts of South Yorkshire. “
But Mr Keates added that the “good news” is that the rain won’t be here to stay all week.
Instead, Britons could see temperatures peaking in the 1920s, the Met Office has said.
He added: “Monday seems like the worst day of the week… but after today things have improved a lot for the rest of the week. “


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