London metropolitan line suspended and East Yorkshire bus services canceled as NHS app pings leave them understaffed – .

London metropolitan line suspended and East Yorkshire bus services canceled as NHS app pings leave them understaffed – .

The London Underground metropolitan line has been suspended and others are facing disruption after the number of people surveyed by the NHS COVID-19 app left the service understaffed.

The Piccadilly and District lines were also affected by the coronavirus contact search application.

There are issues beyond the capital as well, with bus services in East Yorkshire among those affected by the large number of people being questioned after coming into contact with a COVID Case.

Richard Jones, London Underground Network Operations Manager, said: “Due to a shortage of control room staff who have to self-isolate after this morning’s notification via the Test and Trace app , there will be no service on the metro line for the rest of the day.

“It will also have an impact on the Piccadilly line, without service between South Harrow and Uxbridge and without service on the District line between High Street Kensington and Edgware.

“Services are scheduled to resume on the Piccadilly and District lines at 9:00 pm tonight.

“We apologize to customers for the disruption. London Underground tickets will be accepted on local bus services. “

The suspension of the metropolitan line has dealt a blow to rugby league fans, who will now have to find alternate routes to Wembley Stadium this afternoon as it hosts the Challenge Cup final – service being l ‘one of the main means of accessing the region.

The Piccadilly Line serves the tourist areas of central London, including Covent Garden and Leicester Square, and Heathrow in the west, while the District Line connects west and south-west London to Upminster.

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Meanwhile, bus services in East Yorkshire are also being canceled due to a staff shortage.

Ben Gilligan, Regional Manager for East Yorkshire Buses, wrote on Twitter: “Our apologies to all of our customers who are currently facing disruption. The team worked so hard to minimize the impact of this.

“Please be respectful to these colleagues who work today. “

Elsewhere, trains could be changed on some Northern Rail routes this weekend due to the number of app alerts and positive tests.

Trains between Huddersfield, Sheffield and Lincoln, Sheffield and Leeds, Retford and York, and Leeds and Doncaster, all face cancellations in both directions, according to National Rail.

It comes amid the chaos caused by the app, with people nicknamed it “pingdemic”.

The latest figures as of July 7 show 530,126 people have been alerted by the app to self-isolate after coming into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19 – the highest number recorded to date.

Although Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps suggested last week that an app adjustment was in sight, Sky News understands there are no plans to reduce the sensitivity of the app in accordance with the new social distancing guidelines.

But transport unions have warned of “dire consequences” in the weeks to come as infections rise and the number of people being asked to isolate increases.

Cases are increasing across the UK – more than 50,000 infections were reported yesterday and the Health Secretary revealed that he is now among those who have been isolated after testing positive.

Railways, Shipping and Transportation Union (RMT) general secretary Mick Lynch previously warned that on Monday, when restrictions ease in England, “the number of workers will be cracked with an instruction to” self-isolation next week ”.

“Even at this late stage, the government, rail operators and bus companies should issue a clear and legally grounded instruction that levels the rest of the UK to the safety standards that will remain in place in Wales and Scotland” , did he declare. .

The government having decided to abandon the legal obligation to wear masks in public transport, several operators including Transport for London have taken it upon themselves to maintain the rule.

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