Leonardo Bonucci: The song “The return of football at home” motivated Italy to win Euro 2020

Leonardo Bonucci: The song “The return of football at home” motivated Italy to win Euro 2020

Leonardo Bonucci has said Italy has been pressured to win Euro 2020 by English fans insisting that football is coming home.

Bonucci was instrumental in the Azzuri’s success at Wembley, nullifying Luke Shaw’s opening goal in the second half and then converting a penalty kick in the shootout his side won 3-2.

It was a timely night of glory for the 34-year-old, who broke his country’s record for most European Championship appearances with 18 and it caused more heartache for England, including the 55-year wait for a victory in a major tournament continues. .

Gareth Southgate’s side were expected to win, as their famous Three Lions anthem resonated across the country following their semi-final victory over Denmark on Wednesday.

Italy’s Leonardo Bonucci celebrates after equalizing against England

But Bonucci said it motivated his team.

“Absolutely. We have heard it day after day since Wednesday night since the game against Denmark that the cup will return to London, ”he said.

“Sorry for them, but in fact the cup will take a good flight to Rome and so Italians all over the world will be able to savor this competition.

“It’s for everyone, we said from day one that it was for them and for us. “

The victory extends Italy’s unbeaten streak to 34 games, dating back to its failure to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Bonucci says the team’s future under Roberto Mancini is good.

“This win really proves that once you’ve got it through, all you have to do is try and give yourself a boost to get back to the top,” he added.

“You have to want it more than anything else, it’s a renaissance for Italian football, and I’m sure this team and this great coach will make a lot of headlines in the future.

“We believed from day one when we all got together there was a different feeling in the air and it happened.

“We never got tired of being together or spending time together, we had this burning desire to stay together and it’s amazing. “

Roberto Mancini and his players celebrate after winning Euro 2020 final on penalties

Coach winner Mancini lost his words

Italy’s head coach Roberto Mancini added another trophy to his cabinet, completing a sensational turnaround from the national team, which failed to qualify for the World Cup three years ago.

“It was impossible to even contemplate that at one point, but the guys were just amazing. I have no words for them, they are a wonderful group. It was a tough game made much more difficult after their first goal. Apart from this. early in the period, we dominated the game.

“We are delighted for the people and the Italian public because they really deserve it after a difficult time. It is a great joy for us.

“Winning the European Championship for the first time since 1968 and winning the trophy, I think that’s something incredible.

“It was (crying) the emotion that comes after doing something amazing. It was thrilling to see the guys celebrating and the fans in the stands.

“Seeing how much we’ve managed to create, all the hard work we’ve done over the past three years, but especially the last 50 days which have been really tough.

“It’s the fact that we’ve been able to forge that team spirit over the last 50 days, they’ve really created something that can never be separated in the future. They will always be synonymous with this triumph.

“You have to have a little luck on penalties. I’m a little sorry for England, because they also had a great tournament. The team has grown a lot and I think we can still improve. We are very happy for all Italians. I have no words for these guys! “

How other Italian players reacted

captain of Italy Giorgio Chiellini at ITV: “It was a tough game, we started in the worst possible way, with England scoring after two minutes. The fans, the whole stadium, gave their energy to England, but we were calm and then we started to lead the 15 minute game and started playing.

“We found the right passes, controlled the play and that was the way to win. It’s a dream come true, it’s magic. We are more than happy. “

“We [Bonucci and Chiellini] We have been waiting for this moment since 2012. We were one step away, but we continued. But we thought we could do it. “

Italian goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma: “We did something extraordinary. We are happy. We did not give up a millimeter. You all know where we started from. We are a fantastic team and we deserve it.

“The goal we conceded at the very start could have helped us, but we are not a quitting team. It wasn’t easy, but we were spectacular, great. We dominated for much of the game. We deserve all this. “


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