Laura Ingraham loses her temper as Alan Dershowitz challenges her anti-vax narrative – .

Laura Ingraham loses her temper as Alan Dershowitz challenges her anti-vax narrative – .

Fox TV host Laura Ingraham spoke to lawyer Alan Dershowitz about the prospect of mandatory vaccinations.
Mr Dershowitz, argued in favor of compulsory vaccination and made a comparison between Covid-19 and smallpox on L’angle d’Ingraham.

He said: “Regarding the obligation of vaccination, I think the Supreme Court would maintain the progressive obligation of vaccination. First, conditioning to go to school to be vaccinated, conditioning to get on planes, conditioning to enter overcrowded buildings.

The former Harvard Law School professor went on to tell Ms Ingraham that George Washington had commissioned smallpox vaccination for his troops during the War of Independence.

Ms Ingraham, who has taken a consistent anti-vax stance throughout the pandemic, attempted to cut it off, shaking her head and saying firmly, “I don’t agree with this analysis. Covid-19 is not smallpox. “

The exchange escalated when she said: ‘It’s not a fully approved vaccine either. “

“Neither did the smallpox vaccine in 1905,” replied Mr. Dershowitz, referring to the United States Supreme Court case Jacobson v.

He continued, “I think Covid is worse than smallpox in so many ways, it may not kill that many people but we don’t know what the long term impact is. “

“It killed 300 million people around the world,” Ms. Ingraham said, which probably means smallpox.

Mr Dershowitz then said: “I have the right to get on a plane and know that everyone on that plane is vaccinated or tested. You may have the right not to be vaccinated, but you are not allowed to transmit the disease to me. Even if you don’t kill me, I don’t want long term effects.

Visibly annoyed, Ms. Ingraham began to laugh.

“Professor, haven’t you been listening? ” she asked. “I may not have gone to Harvard Law School, but I heard the president today explain that if you are vaccinated you can still spread the virus. Data from Israel, data from UK, they’re freaking out about it.

“It’s going to spread a lot less seriously,” Dershowitz replied.

“You can’t deprive people of their constitutional rights on the basis of a vaccine that still allows the virus to spread… ok,” Ms. Ingraham said, before concluding the segment by saying, “We have to go… I you understand. It’s not smallpox. Professor, thank you.


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