Latest vaccine updates as Tories ‘fly by the seat of the pants’ on NHS app ‘pings’ – .

Latest vaccine updates as Tories ‘fly by the seat of the pants’ on NHS app ‘pings’ – .

Ministers have been accused of “hovering over the seat of their pants” amid widespread confusion over who will be allowed to ignore the self-isolating “pings” of the NHS coronavirus application.
As seclusion-related absences escalated, industry figures complained that the government had concocted its policy “on the hoof without proper organization or thought”.

Meanwhile, a nightclub boss attacked Boris Johnson over his intention to impose vaccine passports on the industry. Peter Marks, managing director of Rekom UK, said the Prime Minister was too easily swayed by public opinion and lacked leadership skills.

Mr Marks said Mr Johnson has been dealing with ‘populist claptrap’ and will not introduce vaccine passports for his 42 clubs – including the Pryzm channel – until it becomes a legal requirement .


Australia sees increase in Covid-19 cases despite lockdowns

Bad news from Australia, where Covid-19 infections are increasing despite the imposition of lockdowns.

More than half of the country’s population is subject to a stay-at-home order.
The state of New South Wales (NSW), home to Sydney, the most populous city in the country, recorded 110 new cases, up from 78 the day before, nearly four weeks after the city and surrounding areas were locked down to contain an outbreak of the Delta variant.
Victoria state has recorded 22 new cases, up from nine the day before, its biggest increase since the outbreak began this month, as it nears its second week of lockdown across the country. State.
“If we had not entered the lockdown a few weeks ago, the number 110 today would undoubtedly have been thousands and thousands,” NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said , during a televised press conference.
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021 09:00

Prisoners forced to defecate in buckets during pandemic, watchdog says

Prisoners have felt “helpless and hopeless” because of the containment measures used to avoid infection during the coronavirus pandemic, Her Majesty’s Chief Prison Inspector said.
While prisons have largely succeeded in keeping Covid epidemics at bay, concludes Charlie Taylor’s annual report, this has been achieved “at a significant cost” to the well-being of prisoners – most of whom have spent the pandemic locked up. in their cells for almost 90 minutes a day, written Andy Grégory.
He found that the pandemic has exacerbated “unacceptable conditions,” which left some prisoners without access to a toilet or sink overnight, forced to wait to use communal facilities one by one.
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021 8:50 AM

‘Alarming decrease’ in the number of young Scots vaccinated

The number of young Scots vaccinated against Covid-19 has dropped alarmingly, according to an opposition politician.
Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative spokesperson for Covid recovery, said Scotland was not moving fast enough and called for “a much more aggressive targeted advertising campaign on social media” for younger people.
Around 30% of people aged 18 to 29 and 20% of those aged 30 to 39 in Scotland have not received a first dose of the coronavirus vaccine despite each adult being offered a first appointment -you.
Mr Fraser told BBC Radio Scotland’s Hello Scotland: “What we have seen is a rather alarming drop in the number of vaccinated.
“On Monday, the first daily doses of the vaccine hit a three-month low, only 2,483 people were vaccinated with a first dose. We are really struggling to meet this key group.
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021 8:31 AM

Government accused of “pinching” after refusing to extend sickness benefits amid “ping demise”

The government has been accused of “pinching a dime” after rejecting the possibility of increasing sickness benefits during the Covid crisis, despite the growing army of workers forced to self-isolate at home.
Millions of workers are expected to be ‘pinched’ by the NHS Covid app and urged to self-isolate this summer – leaving many who are forced not to work at risk of hardship, written Adam Forrest.
The government had promised to consider expanding eligibility for statutory sickness benefits so that more low-paid workers could access it – but announced on Tuesday that there would be no changes to the rules.
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021 8:12 AM

Nightclub chain owner attacks PM’s ‘populist claptrap’

A nightclub boss attacked Boris Johnson for his lack of leadership and his “populist claptrap” over plans to impose vaccine passports on the industry.
Peter Marks, managing director of Rekom UK, said he believed the clubs had been ‘hunted down’ because the Prime Minister understood that the introduction of similar restrictions on pubs would be extremely unpopular.
Rekom’s brands include Pryzm, Eden and Fiction.
Mr Marks told PA: “What we have here is a government, especially a prime minister, which is more driven by public opinion and opinion polls than I think is sane.
“Sometimes you have to show leadership and I don’t think this man has that. I question his judgment. I think he’s really good at boosting morale, and I’m certainly not anti-Boris per se, but I think it was a terrible error in judgment on his part.
“Highlighting the nightclub industry has no basis other than populist messages and I totally disagree with that.
“To be fair, bang, [and introduce vaccine passports], in the vain hope that nightclubs will be so popular with those under 30 that it will make them shrug their shoulders and get a passport, is delusional.
“We will not accept passports as a condition of entry until we are instructed to do so because it is a suicide note for us.
“If this is enforced, I will not break the law. I would never do that. But the reality is, I’ll keep drumming until common sense prevails, but that’s because it’s populist blah blah.
In response, the government said its plan was to protect people in places where Covid-19 was most likely to spread.
Passports for the vaccines will not arrive until September, a spokesperson said, “by then anyone aged 18 and over will have had the chance to be fully vaccinated.”
They added: “The NHS Covid Pass is designed to be simple and easy to use and we announced this change more than two months in advance, to warn sites to prepare. “
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021 7:53 AM

Business reaction against an “impractical” pingemia exemption regime

Ministers were accused of ‘hovering the seat of their pants’ over Covid checks, as business leaders warned plans to exempt key personnel from self-isolation were ‘impractical’ , written Andrew Woodcock.
In a day of chaos, Downing Street was forced to intervene twice after a minister suggested both companies could tell staff to ignore ‘pings’ asking them to quarantine for 10 days as Covid contacts, and that ads had been excluded from the plan for “Covid Passports”.
Industry organizations have warned that absences due to self-isolation are increasing ‘exponentially’ in areas such as food supply and manufacturing, with businesses across the country shutting down due to understaffing . Meanwhile, statistics from the Department of Education showed more than a million children in England were out of school last week for reasons related to Covid.
Jon SharmanJuly 21, 2021, 7:48 AM


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