latest senior executive updates expected in court – .

latest senior executive updates expected in court – .

Trump tells his supporters “We will never back down”

Donald Trump is in the midst of his most serious legal crisis since leaving the presidency. After years of investigation, his company, the Trump Organization, now faces criminal charges related to its tax transactions.

Along with the company itself, CFO Allen Weisselberg – a longtime Trump associate – is expected to surrender to New York authorities today, after which he will be brought to justice on his own charges.

The news is a blow to the president’s business empire, which remains heavily in debt – and therefore vulnerable to nervous creditors who recall their loans if they have reason to worry about the organization’s future. It comes just as the president returns to the public eye, yesterday visiting the Texas-Mexico border in a series of national appearances.


Trump at the border: migrants are “some of the worst people on Earth”

After months spent entrenched in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, Donald Trump has returned to the “campaign trail” (with no campaign to fight for now). His last stop was in Texas yesterday, where he visited Gov. Greg Abbott – who is determined to continue building Mr. Trump’s border wall despite Joe Biden’s decision to cut federal money for it.
During his visit, Mr. Trump hosted a town hall-style Fox News event with host Sean Hannity, an event he used to rage against migrants with a series of lies. He claimed that “millions of people” “are breaking into our country”, that among them are “some of the worst people on Earth”, and that “it is incalculable how serious it is.”
Catch up on what he said here.
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Allen Weisselberg indicted: why he matters so much

Allen Weisselberg wasn’t exactly a household name until recently. His role in the Trump empire came under scrutiny in 2019 when ex-president’s former lawyer Michael Cohen told a House of Representatives committee that as l One of the president’s closest business associates, Mr. Weisselberg is likely to have access to his most intimate and revealing financial records.
Alex Woodward explains who Mr. Weisselberg is and why he is so important.
Andrew NaughtyJuly 1, 2021 09:20

The indictments begin

The charges against the Trump organization and Allen Weisselberg are the first to emerge from a two-year investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and were issued by a grand jury that was called to assess the evidence against the former president and his company. Empire. Graeme Massie has the details.
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welcome to The independentthe Trump Organization’s legal D-Day cover. Stay tuned for updates.
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