last of Silverstone as Verstappen after Hamilton crash – .

last of Silverstone as Verstappen after Hamilton crash – .

Verstappen took three points – and Hamilton two – for his “victory” in the sprint qualifying, meaning he extended his championship lead to 33 points. Starting from pole ahead of Hamilton should be the most important thing for him, however.
Was F1’s first sprint race a success? Yes and no is the short answer. There will be a longer answer shortly. Today’s deal is the usual Grand Prix and it’s often interesting around Silverstone. Hamilton could have some work to do to win, however, if Verstappen maintains his lead at the start line. Otherwise, it could be Mercedes to try something interesting.

If Mercedes fails to beat Red Bull to victory here, then you have to question Hamilton’s realistic hopes of winning the drivers’ title, even with a potential of 13 races remaining. All will not be lost, but to go without a victory in six races is indeed a very bad sign. The little comfort for the defending champions is that Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez will start in last place after spinning in yesterday’s sprint qualifying, offering a good chance of gaining ground in the constructors’ championship.

The race starts at 3pm BST and we’ll be there for all the preparation, the live action and the reaction of a packed Silverstone.


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