Land Rover Defender 90 V8 2021 UK test – .

Land Rover Defender 90 V8 2021 UK test – .

There is an additional dynamic mode on the Terrain Response system, which tightens the suspension further, but this is a bit too much for most UK roads, where the Comfort setting sufficiently retains body movement.

I drove a 90 V8 a little on the road and a lot off road and a 110 V8 on the road only. Land Rover’s intention was not to make the V8 the best off-road Defender, but its engineers say there are circumstances where it does, especially when climbing, because you can easily emit the growl and on steep inclines because there are so many. It makes 518 hp and 461 lb-ft, after all, with peak torque coming in from 2,500 rpm.

She has a lot of different characters, this car. At low speed over some of the slippery and wet spots around the Eastnor Castle estate that Land Rover rents as a 4 × 4 development center, it rolls with generous wheel movement, easy, long throttle stroke and a regular, great-sounding growl – not quite unlike a The Chieftan tank, oddly enough.

Increase your speed and things just get more responsive. Through the grassy fields it gives a passable impression of a rally-raid car, with long travel but superbly controlled movements as it jumps or and takes air, with the differential lock to straighten its line. out of a corner and a modified rear brake pulling it inward on turns.

Then, on the road, it’s fluid, refined and always very, very fast. It’s not as raucous as the speedy Range Rover V8s – increasingly stringent noise regulations mean that even if you hear a loud hum inside, it doesn’t bark, slam or crack. not (and it’s not SVO, remember). Plus, he’s desperately thirsty: I’ve seen 21 mpg, but you can do it below 20 mpg without trying very hard.


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