Kinzinger says “many” Republicans have privately expressed support for his Jan.6 position – .

Kinzinger says “many” Republicans have privately expressed support for his Jan.6 position – .

“There are a lot of people, you know. They come and say it, “Kinzinger told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer on” The Situation Room “of fellow Republicans signaling their support in private. “It’s not the ones who go on TV and throw the ‘Big Lie’ and then say it. It’s the ones who stay the quietest who I think appreciate the position. But it is a lot. ”

And while the GOP lawmaker publicly echoed Trump’s election lies, the Illinois Republican maintained that “no one really believes the election was stolen from Donald Trump.” But a lot of them are happy to come out and say it is. “

His comments come a day after the House panel held its first hearing, featuring poignant testimonies from four officers who shared their stories of rioting attacks. The three-hour hearing was the opening act for the committee, which is preparing to investigate all of the circumstances surrounding the Jan.6 insurgency, including the role Trump played.

“For all the heated rhetoric surrounding this committee, our mission is very simple: it is to find the truth and it is to ensure accountability,” Kinzinger said in Tuesday’s hearing. “Many in my party have treated this as another partisan fight. It’s toxic and it’s a disservice. “

Kinzinger and Representative Liz Cheney – the only other Republican lawmaker on the panel – suffered a heavy blow for joining the committee of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, after rejecting two of the House Minority Leader ‘s choices, Kevin McCarthy, last week – Reps Jim Banks of Indiana and Jim Jordan of Ohio – prompted the GOP leader to withdraw his five picks.
A growing group of grassroots Republicans have argued that Kinzinger and Cheney should be removed from their other committee positions. The two members, however, said the threats would not deter them.

Asked Wednesday about the legacy of GOP lawmakers who pushed Trump’s election lies and defended his actions until Jan.6 and Jan.6, Kinzinger said, “I think they will be judged by the country. . I mean, because in the end the truth is going to be known. “

“If anyone really thinks that this January 6 story that some are trying to promote will actually be the one written in the history books – it isn’t. It’s just a question of when, sooner or later, ”he said. . “But it’s coming. So I wouldn’t want to be on – the one over there on TV pushing the “Big Lie” and I think someone will end up being proud of what I was doing. “


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