Kim Kardashian’s New Look For KKW Beauty Could Be New ‘SKKN’ Brand – .

Kim Kardashian’s New Look For KKW Beauty Could Be New ‘SKKN’ Brand – .

Kim’s company has filed trademark documents to lock in the rights to “SKKN” – which looks like a new beauty line it is presumably considering launching. The “KK” in the middle is probably a reference to Kim’s initials.

According to the documents, obtained by TMZ, KK wants to slap products for hair care, makeup, skin care, nails and other products in the beauty world. We are told that the mark has not only been registered in the United States, but also around the world.

Additionally, we’ve learned that the social media IDs and @SKKN were all locked down by Kim’s team in December 2020 – so it’s clear the project has been going on for a long time.

As we reported… Kim recently announced that her KKW Beauty brand will be get a major facelift, and the “SKKN” brand appears to be the brand’s next step. There was speculation Kim was dropping the KKW name to distance herself Kanye West, but we’re told it’s not changing its legal name … and Kanye actually helped with the rebranding and new packaging that will come with it.

As we first told you in April, Kim filed documents to lock down the rights to “SKKN BY KIM” … so this latest filing makes it look like Kim and his team want to reduce the brand to just “SKKN”.

Kim SKIMS ‘shapewear line has seen incredible success, without having to include her name in the brand, so the transition to SKKN makes a lot of sense.

Kim hasn’t announced a date for the new launch, but we’re sure fans of her brand are eagerly waiting to click and buy. This is how she became a billionaire, after all.


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