Kim Jong-un Health News: NK Leader’s Mysterious Weight Loss Called “Political Calculus” World

Kim Jong-un Health News: NK Leader’s Mysterious Weight Loss Called “Political Calculus” World

The Supreme Leader has sparked speculation in the country after appearing visibly thinner in recent interviews. Speaking to Korean Central Television in June, a member of the public voiced concerns about Mr. Kim’s health.

But now Rüdiger Frank, professor of East Asian economics and society at the Institute of East Asian Studies at the University of Vienna, has said his weight loss is a “political calculation.”
Speaking on the ntv podcast, Frank said, “The fact that the Fuhrer lost weight has in fact been explicitly discussed even in North Korean state media.

“There was an interview with a concerned citizen who said the topic was ‘talking about the city’.

“So we can take it for granted. “

The expert added that the dictator’s weight loss is a political calculation.
He added, “It may well be that Kim Jong Un wants to make his own people understand that not only the people are suffering, but him too.

“That would be the propaganda message, so to speak.

“We don’t know exactly how difficult the situation is.

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“And as far as a de facto nuclear power goes, that would be something that can be seen as a problem. “

Her dramatic weight loss came amid warnings that North Korea could run out of food within two months, sparking fears of a deadly famine.

Last month, concerns about Kim’s health were raised after the dictator has not been seen in public since May 6 and missed several important dates on the North Korean calendar.

It was not the first time Kim has gone missing during the coronavirus pandemic last year, sparking fears for her health.

In February of last year, the Supreme Leader disappeared for almost three weeks.

A few months later, he disappeared for 12 days and rumors that he was dead or seriously ill from botched heart surgery began to surface.

However, a month later, in May, the Secret State released footage showing Kim visiting a newly opened fertilizer factory, which appeared to disprove health rumors.

But the video did not appease all critics, with people speculating on the use of a “body double” for the Supreme Leader.

Additional reporting by Monika Pallenberg


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