Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie, who died at 61, overdosed on her birthday – .

Keyshia Cole’s mother Frankie, who died at 61, overdosed on her birthday – .

The brother of the R&B singer, Sam, tells us… Frankie overdosed at her Oakland home on Sunday… the same day she celebrated her birthday, when she apparently took drugs while partying – relapse on what we were told was a long and hard journey to sobriety.

Sam says he was checking in with Frankie every day, trying to help him stay sober… a well-documented battle that Keyshia and co. had captured and shared publicly in recent years… via TV, social media and other channels.

Sam also says the family wants the world to remember Frankie as someone who loved her children and wanted her children to be together… despite their turbulent history.

Keyshia was abandoned by Frankie and her biological father, Virgil hunter, for adoption at a very young age – she ended up being raised by family friends … and was reunited with her biological parents later in her life as an adult – after achieving great success in the music scene.

Their family dynamic is a Keyshia actually filmed for reality TV on BET – with a few different shows – the main series being “Keyshia Cole My New Life” … on which Frankie has appeared often and where the mother and daughter duo shared a lot of hearts. to heart.

Keyshia also spoke quite clearly about her mother’s addiction issues … keeping an eye on her entering rehab and encouraging her to stay on the right path – posting photos and videos of her mother before she arrived. in an establishment and encouraging its success.

In March of last year, Frankie hit a huge benchmark… staying sober for 60 days, something her daughter was proud to share with her fans and IG followers. She has yet to comment on her mother’s death.

Frankie had just turned 61.


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