Keith Lee returns to WWE RAW, loses to Bobby Lashley – .

Keith Lee returns to WWE RAW, loses to Bobby Lashley – .

Keith Lee shocked the WWE Universe on Monday night, as he appeared on the Red Mark for the first time since February. He unsuccessfully responded to WWE Champion Bobby Lashley’s open challenge on RAW this week.

Lashley made his way to the ring tonight and challenged anyone in the back to come face him for a chance at the WWE Championship. In an amazing turn of events, Lee came down to answer the call. The two stars immediately clashed in a match, in which Lee and Lashley struggled to try and control the pace. “The All Mighty” finally took control of the fight, and he never looked back.

Later in the match, similar to his fight against Kofi Kingston at WWE Money in the Bank, Lashley slowly but surely became too much for Lee to handle. While Lee was able to show off some of his known power and athleticism, Lashley reminded everyone why he truly is “The All Mighty.” After Lee escaped from an attempt at Hurt Lock, Lashley quickly let him go with a huge chokeslam. He then slammed the former NXT champion down with a spear and pinned him down to win the game.

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