Keith Hernandez went to the ER for stitches after falling from a hot tub – .

Keith Hernandez went to the ER for stitches after falling from a hot tub – .

Mets Great and SNY broadcaster Keith Hernandez had to go to the emergency room to get eight big toe stitches after falling off the edge of his hot tub while working in the yard at his Sag Harbor home, revealed Gary Cohen on Monday’s Mets-Brewers show. .

“The way I understand it is, [Hernandez] was standing at the edge of his hot tub with pruning shears, pruning his rose bushes, and he may have had a little fall, grabbed something on the way down that wasn’t supporting him, and had a pretty hard fall, ”Cohen says. “I was told that there had been a trip to the emergency room and that there were eight stitches in the big toe. So I don’t know if he’s going to be in a wheelchair or if he’s going to be on crutches.

Cohen indicated that Hernandez would be back in the booth on Thursday.

SNY drew up a cartoon of Hernandez in a hospital bed with his foot wrapped up and Mr. and Mrs. Met standing by his bedside. A picture of Hernandez on “Seinfeld” hung over the bed.

Since Hernandez’s injuries weren’t any more serious, Cohen and Ron Darling were able to laugh after Cohen asked SNY Mets producer Gregg Picker if Hernandez wanted his broadcast colleagues to tell the story of his downfall at the ‘antenna.

Keith Hernandez Mets SNY Toe
Keith Hernandez needed eight stitches on his big toe after falling while doing yard work.

“Gregg said, ‘Well, what Keith said is if guys want to talk about it, that’s okay,’” Cohen said. “The kicker was when Keith said, ‘You know I’m not sure I want them to talk about it because I don’t always want it to be about me. “

“Come on,” Ron Darling replied. ” It’s hilarious. “

“If there has ever been a more oblivious quote – Keith, it’s always about you!” And we love it that way, ”Cohen added.


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