Katie Price blames Ulrika Jonsson for looking ‘haggard’ after surgery – .

Katie Price blames Ulrika Jonsson for looking ‘haggard’ after surgery – .

Katie Price called Ulrika Jonsson “haggard” in a social media explosion.
The mom of five and former glamor model shared an image of Ulrika pouting on her Instagram Story and tagged the Swedish-British TV star in the comment.

Katie said: “@ulrikajohnnsonofficial before you judge me and take a look at yourself and your career maybe you should grab a leaf from my book while you look haggard honey . “

This is because Ulrika said she was “horrified” by the new images of Katie Price after her last plastic surgery.

Katie’s coup against Swedish-British TV presenter Ulrika

Writing in her column in The Sun, Ulrika called plastic surgery a “relentless pursuit of youth, adjustment and modification” and said she thinks Katie “still seeks” happiness despite claiming to have it. .

“I sincerely hope that she can find true inner happiness and learn to genuinely love herself instead of constantly believing that inner peace and contentment exists under the surgeon’s knife,” Ulrika wrote.

Ulrika also writes: “Her constant transformations don’t seem to have brought her much happiness as it has been a perpetual cycle since 1998, when she embarked on this journey of cosmetic metamorphosis. “

Katie Price after her last operation

Ulrika, who says in the article that she had a “much anticipated” breast reduction in 2009, summed up that she felt “quite horrified by the pictures”, adding: “As a mom, I wonder. also what his children must be feeling. ”

The article is titled “Katie Price is not hungry for fame… she is starving”.

Katie recently traveled to Turkey for her latest cycle of cosmetic surgery, which included full body liposuction, butt lift, lip lift, eye lift and face lift, which reportedly cost over $ 12. £ 000.

On the sofa at Good Morning Britain upon her return to Britain, Katie insisted she was not addicted to plastic surgery, but said her mother asked her the same question.

Katie says she’s not addicted to surgery

“I’m not addicted,” she said, “but if people mean I have body dysmorphia just say it, even my mom says it, ‘You need to see someone. , you are not normal in the head, are you? ‘ “

Explaining her reason for having more surgery, she said: “It’s like a car – you have a technical control. If you have a scratch or a bump, you fix it, and that’s how I feel with my body. I’m not trying to look younger and I sure don’t want that alien look – when people go over the top and look like monsters.

“Having surgery is not fun and fun, it’s painful and it’s irreversible… Everyone has blemishes, I could go too far but I don’t want to sound like a monster. “

Katie has a long history of surgeries dating back to the mid-1990s when she first entered the glamorous modeling scene.

Katie Prix
Katie Price and 1995

Her first boob job was aged 18, when she went from a cup size of 32B to 32C. Shortly after her 19th birthday, she went all the way to DD and is said to have gone under the knife several times between 1998 and 2008.

Speaking to the operation herself on her Instagram page, Katie said she was “very happy… I am still swollen but it has been 2 weeks since the operation”.

Danielle Lloyd and two of Katie’s exes, Peter Andre and Hayler, have both reportedly expressed concern following her latest surgery.

“Kieran and Pete are shocked she’s had the surgery, it’s horrible,” a source told New magazine.

Katie recently finalized her divorce from Kieran and is engaged to her current boyfriend Carl Woods, who briefly ran on Love Island in 2016.


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