‘Karen’ asks black woman selling hair products if it’s drug trafficking – .

‘Karen’ asks black woman selling hair products if it’s drug trafficking – .

A white lady approached a black woman selling hair products to see if a drug case was going on, then suggested she hurry… and, of course, she is called the new “Karen”.

Check out this meeting of the TikTok user @prettii_tb, who posted this clip a few days ago in Sacramento, Calif., in the Natomas neighborhood. It appears that Pretti was trying to buy hair products from the woman on the bike… who was selling her products – extensions and the like – in a shopping cart, and seemed to be doing her sales on the go.

The transaction was interrupted by this so called “Karen”… who asked what was going on, and who also added that it looked like a good drop of old fashioned dope.

It wasn’t, as the woman on the bike explained calmly and politely. You have to watch this interaction – the black woman doing the sale had every right to leave if she wanted to… but she kept a cool head and explained in detail what was going on.

The white lady says she is just telling her that what she’s doing looks like some people in the neighborhood and that the cops could be called if she’s not careful. The black woman welcomes him, however, insisting that she is not doing anything wrong.

This is just another case of someone making guesses and sticking their nose into someone else’s business, unsolicited. And, if this woman really thought there was something fishy going on… she could have called the cops and let them take care of… as the bicycle salesman rightly pointed out.


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