Kanye West hosts new album listening party in Atlanta – .

Kanye West hosts new album listening party in Atlanta – .

Kanye (having an extremely normal) and Ice Cube

Kanye (having an extremely normal) and Ice Cube
photo: Ethan Miller (Getty Images)

It’s still time. Kanye’s cycle is back, baby. Following the launch of its failed presidential campaign, which in turn was followed by Kanye gives then wife Kim Kardashian a hologram of his late father for his birthday, which in turn was attended by Kim Kardashian files for divorce, Kanye kept a low profile. He does that from time to time. WWhen things aren’t going well, or he doesn’t have a new album to push, he has a tendency to fold in on himself, think, and either start making mistakes. disgusting / worrying statements or return to recording music. Well, it looks like the time has come for Kanye to release a new album which is way better than the other option.

Carry the news like a The cryptic hip-hop vane that Kanye’s cycle is set to pick up again, Def Jam Recordings has apparently confirmed reports that West is set to release a new album. In two words, six letters, an extra Z and a few missing vowels, the tweeted label, “YZY SZN. So is the Yeezy season really upon us? It is certainly starting to seem like that.

Over the weekend, Instagram star Justin Laboy, who hosts The Respectfully Justin show on Revolt TV, tweeted that Yeezy hosted Laboy and NBA great Kevin Durant at a private West’s listening party New album. If these walls could talk, they wouldn’t have to because Laboy said the album rocks.

“Kanye played his new album for me and @ KDTrey5 last night in Vegas”, Laboy wrote. “Man listen! Production is light years away, and the bars sound like he’s broke and hungry trying to get signed again. Any artist who plans to give up soon should just push it back. ”

Of course, this kind of advice should be taken with a grain of salt. Like all those extremely positive tweets who came out just before Wonder Woman 1984 press HBO Max, when we get guest at a super secret presentation of a trendy media with KD, one can be a little overexcited. Yet everyone tends to hate Kanye’s albums the moment they are released, and years later, go back and re-evaluate. (Okay, that didn’t happen with its MAGA era releases, Yes and JESUS ​​IS KING, with the exception of Children see ghosts, who slaps, like top five Kanye – please, for god’s sake, don’t @ me. I can’t bear to be @ ‘d).

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Regardless, on Sunday night others joined the hype train, tweeting photos of lines outside of a supposed album listening party in Las Vegas. Pictures also emerged over the weekend of Tyler, The Creator in studio with Kanye, showing what appears to be a list of tracks on a whiteboard. Could it be the elusive Donda? Well, that name, the name of Kanye’s late mother, appears on the board. To finish, Kanye gets a little official with the listening party, sending out invitations and press releases for an evening of listening taking place at Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. So what does he say fans will hear? Something called “Kanye West Introduces Donda”.

Kanye has teased new albums that have never been released in abundance in the past. You probably remember this situation that happened about 365 days ago when West kept tweet that Donda was arriving in July 2020. Obviously, this does not occur. But he released an absolute banger with the track “Wash Us In Blood”, which evoked a part of that. Jesus energy and anger. If this new record is more than that, we’ll take it. Anyway, welcome to Kanye cycle. Hopefully this one is a bit more productive than the last.

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