John Barrowman sparks backlash after tagging M Night Shyamalan in review of new movie Old – .

John Barrowman sparks backlash after tagging M Night Shyamalan in review of new movie Old – .

Torchwood star John Barrowman has been criticized for a negative social media post about M Night Shyamalan’s new film, Old woman.
The actor repeatedly called the movie “s ****”, and claimed he received a refund after seeing it at a movie theater, in a post that tagged Shyamalan himself.

Old woman is directed by Shyamalan (The sixth sense) and tells the story of an island where people age extremely quickly.

On Twitter, Barrowman wrote, “What a waste of money and a total crap movie. We get the metaphors but we still got a refund! We were so disappointed. Don’t waste your time or money going to see it.

Speaking in a video he shared with the commentary, Barrowman said he received a refund after complaining to theater staff about the quality of the film, reiterating that he had found it ” s **** ”.

The tweet sparked a backlash, with many Twitter users condemning the actor for tagging Shyamalan in the post.

“Tagging the artist in a video tearing his work to pieces is a really elegant and mature thing to do,” one person wrote, sarcastically.

“I like your work in Docteur Who but I really find it so disrespectful, ”wrote another.

Many also cited poorly received projects that Barrowman himself appeared in, such as the one in 2002. Shark Attack 3: Megalodon.

“I lost all the respect I had for you. It is immature and classless behavior. And tag the director? Wow. Horrible decision. Not followed, ”someone else wrote.

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Barrowman was at the center of controversy earlier this year when it was alleged he exposed himself to colleagues on the set of Docteur Who and Torchwood.

The actor recently admitted he was “wrong” on the set of Docteur Who after a 2015 fan convention video was unearthed in which co-star Noel Clarke alleged Barrowman was releasing “his d *** every five minutes.”

At one point in the clip, Clarke asks her co-star Camille Coduri if she remembers “the time he put it on your shoulder in the makeup truck?” To which she replies: “Yes, I want it. “

Last month Barrowman, 54, said he had changed in the years since, adding that his “spirited demeanor” was “never meant to entertain his colleagues on set and behind the scenes.”

He continued, “Looking back, I understand that my rambunctious behavior may have been upset and I have already apologized for it. “

Old woman is now out in theaters.

The independent has contacted a representative of M Night Shyamalan for comment.


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