Joe Lycett confirms Steph’s lunchbox release was planned to highlight recycling – .

Joe Lycett confirms Steph’s lunchbox release was planned to highlight recycling – .

Joe Lycett revealed that his departure on Steph’s Lunch Box was “planned” to take stock of recycling.
Appearing on the Channel 4 talk show Thursday, July 1, the comedian mentioned that he had given up on using single-use white plastic in his home because it was more difficult to recycle.

However, after host Steph McGovern pointed out one of these elements in a photo of him that was shown onscreen, the comedian commented that he “didn’t realize I was on. Newsnight», Before removing his microphone and leaving the studio seemingly angry.

Viewers were taken aback by the exchange, unsure whether Lycett – whose comedy often involves large-scale jokes or pranks – had really fled or not.

Posted on Instagram Friday, July 2, Lycett confirmed that the incident was indeed a ruse and had been “planned” to take stock of the recycling of white plastic.

“Some of you may have seen or read that I had a ‘tantrum’ over Steph’s lunch box yesterday and ‘stormed’ the show,” he said. -he writes. “It’s absolutely true. What you might not know is that I have it all planned out.

“Transparent PET plastic bottles are widely recycled and contribute to the circular economy. If you put a clear PET plastic bottle in the recycling, there is a good chance that it will become another clear PET plastic bottle. Colored and especially white PET plastic bottles are much more difficult to recycle.

Lycett continued, “I explained it on Thursday’s show, but later an image with a bottle (made with white PET plastic) appeared on the screen. Steph pointed out my apparent hypocrisy and I kicked it off (by “” I mean “pulled my mic off and left the studio”). Everything was planned, everything repeated.

Going back to Steph’s Lunch Box The comic told viewers on Friday, “Soz, that wasn’t real,” adding that most of the production crew didn’t participate in the joke either.

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“I wanted as many people as possible to know about this story and how do you get thumbs up? Lycett asked. “Well, we’ve seen Piers Morgan, we’ve seen Patsy Palmer, you’re leaving a chat show with a bang. “

He continued, “This is the first time that I really encourage people to rebuff me… I canceled myself. “

Last year, the 32-year-old legally changed his name to Hugo Boss in protest against the fashion house for targeting small businesses and charities that use the word ‘boss’ in their names. He changed it later.


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