Jeanie Buss laughs because of her pain – .

Jeanie Buss laughs because of her pain – .

It was enough for Buss to search for answers.

She found them on stage.

She always had a love affair with stand-up comedy, but never thought she could pursue it, until she was coaxed by comedians Theo Von and Heather McDonald during a barbecue on July 4th four years ago. McDonald suggested that Buss resume a class taught by longtime actress Lisa Sundstedt. Entitled “Pretty, Funny Women”, the course is designed for women who are first-time actors, regardless of their age, race or economic status. Buss first started the course in 2013 after her father died, but she dropped out three weeks later. This time, she stayed, struck by “the sample of people I would never meet in my ordinary life”.

Sundstedt saw a real improvement from Buss on his second try.

“She’s so shy that she probably didn’t even realize she was a funny person,” Sundstedt said. “It might not be encouraged in her world, where she has to have that harsh exterior. “

When Buss first started attending NBA Board of Governors meetings for the Lakers in 1995, she was intimidated by some of the glares directed at her.

These days, she trades beards with the best of them.

“Jeanie has always had that special spark,” said Wyc Grousbeck, who led a group that bought the Celtics in 2002. “People want her to be successful. They are happy when she succeeds. They know she earned it – and I mean the ‘earned it’ part. It is unequivocally respected among the league, by the owners, by the players. She’s got steel in her veins.


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