Jamie Lynn Spears denies Britney bought him a condo – .

Jamie Lynn Spears denies Britney bought him a condo – .

“You must all stop reaching”

Jamie Lynn Spears cleans the air amid more rumors about his relationship with his sister Britney.

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Just weeks after confirming she was not on Britney’s payroll, a report surfaced claiming Britney paid for a condo that Jamie Lynn apparently listed as her own.

According to tax documents acquired by The Sun, Britney bought the beach in Destin, Florida in 2001 and Jamie Lynn does not own the house.

But Jamie Lynn has called the condo his own in recent years, including a resurfaced tweet where she called the place the “best getaway.”

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Now Jamie Lynn is talking about the rumors, ending claims that she even owns a condo.

“I don’t own a condo, and I can assure you no one has ever bought me a spot at the beach, because I prefer my beach vacation to the Ritz anyway,” Jamie Lynn wrote in a post. Instagram now deleted.

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The post included photos from a recent family trip to the beach, where they were staying at the Ritz Carlton.

She continued, “SIMPLE FACTS. You all have to stop reaching. “

Britney hasn’t said anything about the condo yet.

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