Italy’s Euro 2020 win echoes a wider resurgence

Italy’s Euro 2020 win echoes a wider resurgence

After atrocious penalties and a diving block from Mr Donnarumma made Italy the European champion, English fans were amazed.

The men’s team hadn’t won a major championship or even made it to a major final in 55 years, but this team had promise, youth, diversity and a social conscience and seemed to reflect a complex and multicultural England that sometimes got lost in tribal debates. on Brexit. The team united a country that has spent much of the past four and a half years arguing with itself over its split from the European Union, and much of the past 15 months under lockdowns linked to the European Union. coronavirus.

Queen Elizabeth II, who is 95, reminded the team manager in a letter that she was there 55 years ago to present the World Cup to her predecessor. Over 70 percent of the UK’s population was born after this championship. And many more will be born before they break the losing streak.

Tears washed away the English flag that Rosie Mayson, 25, had painted on her face.

“I’m devastated,” she said in London, “we didn’t bring him home. “

Veterans with disappointed English hopes tried to console the young supporters. “Don’t be sad,” James Mcdonall, 50, told a group of English teenagers. “It’s so typically English: hope, then losing on penalties on a rainy day. “

Rome fans did not need to console themselves. They ripped off their shirts, exposing Italian flags on their chests. ” It’s us. This is us, ”they chanted in circles, blue fire sticks lighting up their faces. “The European champions are us.


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