Israelis over 60 to receive 3rd COVID hit on return of green pass – .

Israelis over 60 to receive 3rd COVID hit on return of green pass – .

People over 60 who are at risk of developing severe coronavirus will now be eligible to receive an additional coronavirus vaccine, the health ministry has decided as the Green Pass program is back in effect.
The health ministry informed the health funds that they could start administering the doses on Sunday.

The Department of Health’s coronavirus vaccination committee voted by an absolute majority to administer the third Pfizer vaccine to the elderly in a meeting that ran from 9 p.m. to midnight, despite the fact that a third vaccine has yet to be approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

“I would like to thank all members of the committee for their thorough and comprehensive work,” Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said. “Our strategy is clear: to save life and safeguard the daily routine in the State of Israel.

Already on Thursday morning, Professor Nimrod Maimon, head of the Magen Avot V’Imahot program, met with representatives of assisted living facilities across the country and said the injections would be immediately administered at their homes.

The move comes a day after Pfizer told its investors in a presentation that their research showed that a third dose of the vaccine increased antibodies by five to 11 times in those who received it. The company said it hopes to seek approval for emergency use of the additional fire sometime in August.

The Delta variant quickly spread across Israel. While the majority of new cases are young people, including unvaccinated children, the country is starting to see more and more older people vaccinated five and six months ago become infected. Preliminary research by the Department of Health showed that the Pfizer vaccine was only 16% effective against the Delta variant in people vaccinated so long ago.

In addition, it is estimated that for people 60 years of age and older, the vaccine’s effectiveness in preventing serious illness has increased from 97% to 81%.

“Eighty-one percent is still effective, but the gap is dramatic,” Professor Eran Segal of the Weizmann Institute of Science tweeted Thursday morning. “Because if previously the risk of a vaccinated person aged 60 and over becoming seriously ill was 3%, it is now 19%, which means six times that. “

To help stop the spread of the infection, the government voted last week to reinstate the Green Pass program, which went into effect on Thursday.

The program requires that to enter a facility with more than 100 people, a person over the age of 12 must present a vaccination or recovery certificate or a negative coronavirus test taken within the last 72 hours.

To help enforce mask-wearing on public transport, Bennett and Transport Minister Merav Michaeli announced that some 400 inspectors would be hired for the next three months, with an option to renew their contracts as needed thereafter.

The battle for schools, however, continues.

Bennet said the ministries of health and education were working together to develop a “safety plan” for the start of the school year and would announce it when it was ready.

The announcement came after reports that there was a big gap between the positions of the two ministers.

“Our government was formed on the basis of diversity and we know how to manage diverse positions,” he said. “We will continue to do so. “

As of Wednesday, 2,165 new cases of coronavirus were diagnosed, the health ministry reported Thursday morning – the third day with more than 2,000 new infections. Some 2.35% of those screened tested positive.

There were 159 critically ill patients, including 26 who were intubated.

Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.


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