Is France the next power in basketball? – .

Is France the next power in basketball? – .

At least two of the Detroit Pistons were happy when France was able to beat the United States down the home stretch and maintain an 83-76 victory in the opening game of the Tokyo Olympics.

The France team is good, with several NBA players including defensive player of the year Rudy Gobert, goalkeeper Evan Fournier and striker Nic Batum.

But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an embarrassing defeat for the United States, which were the favorites at the Olympics and will be considered complete failures if they end up with something other than gold.

Coach Gregg Popovich is taking heat for his rotations, which did not include Piston Jerami Grant in Game 1, and for executing an attack his side are not happy with. Pop does not have a great track record in the international game and will certainly be the scapegoat if the United States cannot figure this out.

The rest of the world has caught up with the United States, with international talent carving out the NBA and a bunch of teams no longer intimidated by the powerful United States.

France has a chance to win gold itself, but France’s future could be even brighter than these Olympics as French basketball is poised to become a world power.

Detroit Pistons: The best French players are on the way

To show you how far French basketball has come, the Detroit Pistons have a young French duo made up of Killian Hayes and Sekou Doumbouya who have not even been invited to the team.

Both are raw prospects who need more development time, but by the time the next Olympics, which will be held in Paris, they could be very good players ready to take France to the next level.

Not to mention Victor Wembanyama, 17, who is one of the hottest prospects in the world right now, a 7-footer with legitimate guarding skills who scout Mike Schmitz called “the long-term prospect.” most intriguing I have ever seen. never rated.

Considering that Doumbouya and Hayes are 20 and 19 years old respectively, the best is perhaps yet to come for the France team, which have their eyes on gold at the Tokyo Olympics, but also on the future.


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