Indian hospital closed amid FAKE COVID VACCINE scam over fears over 2,500 people were given saline and antibiotics instead – RT World News – .

Indian hospital closed amid FAKE COVID VACCINE scam over fears over 2,500 people were given saline and antibiotics instead – RT World News – .

    Plus d'une douzaine de centres de vaccination privés en Inde ont « immunisé » les gens avec de l'eau salée et des antibiotiques étiquetés comme vaccins.  Alors que des arrestations sont en cours, plus de 2 500 sont laissées sans défense devant une nouvelle vague potentielle.

</p><div><p>Vendredi, le gouvernement local de Mumbai a scellé l'hôpital Shivam, ont rapporté les médias locaux, affirmant que sa licence avait été annulée en raison d'un lien présumé avec une arnaque massive aux vaccins.  La police enquête pour savoir si les faux vaccins Covid proviennent de l'hôpital, ses propriétaires étant actuellement arrêtés.

Earlier this year, it enlisted as a private vaccination center and received government permission to immunize people against the virus. He had received more than 20,000 vials of vaccine from Mumbai’s civic governing body, BMC, India Today reported. However, some of them may have ended up in the hands of crooks, according to police, saying the hospital could have withheld vials for use in illegal schemes, including filling empty vaccine vials with alcohol. ‘salt water.

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At least 2,000 people “vaccinated” in Mumbai in May and June were injected with saline, the Indian Express reported, citing local police. ” We have already stopped all the big fish. We’ll stop more if someone else is involvedMumbai Police, Law and Order Co-Commissioner Vishwas Nangre Patil said at a press conference.

So far, at least 10 vaccination centers are under investigation into the scam and are believed to have obtained around 2,600,000 rupees ($ 35,000) from fake shots.

Two of the victims, Hiren Mehta from Mumbai and his wife, paid around 1,260 rupees ($ 23) each for what they believed to be a coronavirus vaccine. They say they can no longer receive proper vaccines as they received false certificates from the private center that were entered into a government vaccination database.

« Our main concern is what they injected into our body. And then to know when we can take our first dose because the third wave is approachingThe man told The Straits Times.

Mumbai police are still investigating the substance that was injected into the patients, although it is suspected that the vials were filled with salt water. In a separate case in Calcutta, antibiotics could have been used in place of the vaccine.

Nearly 500 people, including some with disabilities, were allegedly fraudulently administered with amikacin, an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections, including meningitis, as well as infections of the blood, bones and urinary tract. The vials seized were falsely labeled as the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine, branded as Covishield in India, AFP reported, citing local police. A man posing as an official with a master’s degree in genetics has been arrested on suspicion of having set up several scams at vaccination centers in the region. His patients are now panicked over the possible side effects.

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« In the event of an emergency, city officials will organize medical camps in the area to care for those who have received fake vaccines.“Kolkata Health Officer Debasish Barui told News Agency. Authorities also plan to perform antibody tests on nearly 2,700 potential fraud victims, The Indian Express reported, however, in some cases this could still leave people unprotected.

« The test showed good levels of antibodies. But I don’t know if I caught Covid and was asymptomatic or if the vaccine I received was genuine“Said a man who was vaccinated at one of the suspected centers.

India is one of the countries most affected by Covid-19, with more than 30.5 million confirmed cases and more than 400,000 deaths. More than 351 million doses of vaccines have been administered in the country, with 59 million people fully vaccinated, or just over 4.3% of the population.

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