In “Ted Lasso”, the Juno temple makes pleasant – .

In “Ted Lasso”, the Juno temple makes pleasant – .

Kathryn Hahn starred with her in the 2013 film “Afternoon Delight”. (Temple played McKenna, an exotic dancer, with Hahn as the not-so-exotic housewife welcoming him.) Hahn noticed how, as McKenna, Temple could show both a woman in full control of her sexuality and the vulnerable girl below. “She is a remarkable seeker of truth,” Hahn wrote in an email.

Temple is not ashamed of any sex scenes in any of the movies she’s made. “It’s a choice I wouldn’t change,” she said. ” I do not regret it. Part of me is less intimidated by the idea of ​​stripping down in character and being filmed that way than I am in real life. “

Unlike many previous Temple characters, Keeley is already comfortable with her sexuality. (Her lingerie? A pink ensemble with an iridescent heart pattern.) Although she’s become almost famous as a topless model, she now wears her tops most of the time. “Ted Lasso” instead prompts Keeley to believe that she has value beyond her body, and then rewards that belief. Whatever the opposite of troubled, it’s Keeley.

Because Temple has so rarely done comedy, she learned it on “Ted Lasso,” beat by beat, scene by scene. The cast have been patient with her, she said. And ready to answer questions like “How funny is that?” “

Because of her instincts and background, Temple tends to “play things as real as possible,” she said, rather than take the joke. Hunt said this approach works well for Keeley and the show. Usually.

“She’s just playing the truth about what the character is going through, and it’s just hilarious,” he said. “Although there are definitely times when we have to be like, ‘OK, great, Juno. Now try again. Without crying. ‘


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