In France’s bubble as they prepare for the wallabies – .

In France’s bubble as they prepare for the wallabies – .

“They are leaving France, which is normal at the moment. You can go to a bar for a drink and live a normal life. You arrive in Australia and you have a little trouble with COVID. ”
Michalak said the team were in good spirits and going about their business despite rumors of frustration within the camp.

The group hope to be able to live more freely in Queensland after the first test, but there is no guarantee that will happen given the ongoing situation.

“They’re not complaining,” Michalak said. “It’s hard for everyone. They just hope that when their quarantine ends, they can see the city and meet people. Doing it for four weeks – just playing, training and going back to the hotel – is not easy. I hope the situation will be better for Australia and the cities.

“I really hope that the French team and the Australian teams will be able to play with the public. It’s important for the France team to see people in the crowd and to play a real Test. It is also important for the Australian federation.

The Wallabies worked hard ahead of their first playoff game against France on Wednesday.Credit:Getty

France sent an inexperienced team in terms of test selections, but the Australians were quick to talk about their prowess.

Michalak says young people have a point to prove.

“They are excited,” he said. “There are 22 players who have never worn the French jersey. Now is the time to prove that they exist and that they can play top-level rugby against a great nation. It will be a very big challenge for them.

Asked if the Wallabies are the favorites of the series due to tighter preparation, Michalak said: “Of course for the Wallabies the situation is much better. They can go out, they can live normally and easily prepare for the Test Match. They are in the middle of the season.

Michalak said there were similarities between the two teams two years away from a World Cup in France.


“They’re kind of the same,” said Michalak of the Wallabies. “They have to create a new generation.

“Australia loves physical rugby and for us that will be the key to being ready for the physical impact. In Super Rugby, the Reds and Brumbies have good sides and play good rugby. It’s a time for the Wallabies to improve, just like us.

Meanwhile, Wallabies half-back Jake Gordon is available for selection to Australia’s first test team after recovering from a knee injury.


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