Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Ratings, Feedback, Highlights

Impact Wrestling Slammiversary Results: Winners, Ratings, Feedback, Highlights

Six of the world’s most talented professional wrestlers kicked off the main card at this year’s hit event as Trey Miguel, Ace Austin, Petey Williams, Rohit Raju and Chris Bey challenged Josh Alexander for the X-Division Championship in an Impact Wrestling staple: the Ultimate X Match.

To win, a competitor had to climb the rig, work his way through ropes and reclaim the title.

Raju repeatedly tried underhanded tactics to grab the belt without having to work for it. He also failed several times. Competitors engaged in a mid-ring submission point that started with a sniper and went all the way to the ropes, where a hanging Alexander grabbed an ankle lock on Bey.

Williams uncorked Canadian destroyers on Raju and Miguel, then delivered another to Bey, who was on Alexander’s shoulders.

Late, Alexander knocked out Miguel with a super blaster, then battled Bey for the title. Austin tried to steal their belt but crashed and burned down before The Walking Weapon finally got gold and continued his reign.


Alexander beat Bey, Miguel, Austin, Raju and Williams to retain

To note



The X-Division, as it has so often done throughout the history of Impact Wrestling, tore it apart and set an almost impossible bar for the rest of the map to slip away. The creativity, excitement, energy and fearlessness with which the artists approached combat gave the show an electric start.

The mid-fight submission spot will be gaining all the buzz on social media, and rightly so. It was excellent and unlike anything we’ve seen in any of these matches. Just as great was Williams’ super destroyer in Bey, but it was Austin’s rather simplistic last-ditch dive to steal the title that really upped the drama.

Alexander’s victory was the right decision as it always feels like we are at the start of his reign. Miguel will have his chance, Bey too. Alexander is a hybrid competitor whose love for the X-Division is well documented and letting him come a long way as a seemingly unbeatable champion will only help the star who will ultimately be tapped to bring him down.


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