“I don’t think it’s funny” – .

“I don’t think it’s funny” – .

White House press secretary Jen Psaki hit Peter Doocy again after the Fox News reporter criticized Joe Biden for supporting voting rights in Texas.
The US President said Tuesday that a last-minute bill introducing voting restrictions in Texas was both “un-American” and undemocratic, “a day after Texas Democrats fled the state in an attempt to block movement.

Mr Doocy asked at Wednesday’s White House press conference whether Mr Biden had ever fled Washington DC before a “vote he knew he was going to lose”, as a US senator.

Visibly annoyed by the Fox New correspondent’s contribution, Ms Psaki responded by saying, “Welcome back.”

“I think the president is of the opinion that these Texas lawmakers were making a statement with actions against efforts in their state to oppose restrictions on basic human rights and the right to vote in their state,” added the spokesperson.

The Fox News correspondent, issuing a defense, told Ms Psaki: “Maybe it’s funny to think of it this way, the president trying to describe it as the most serious attack on democracy.”

“I don’t think it’s funny,” she replied, cutting off Mr. Doocy. “I think it’s important to note, however, that there are 28 states, including Texas, where laws are in place or underway to make voting more difficult and that requires bold action.”

“It takes bold voices to speak out against this and make sure people understand their rights. “

Mr Biden said on Tuesday that Republicans’ introduction of voting restrictions was the ‘test of our time’, with state lawmakers referring to former US President Donald Trump’s false claims of a ‘rigged election’ to tighten access to the ballot box.

Among the measures included in the Texas bill, which is currently pending, include a ban on 24-hour polling stations and drive-thru voting sites, as well as stricter identification requirements for voters – which will negatively affect blacks and American minorities.

The spat between Psaki and Doocy follows a disagreement last month in which the Fox News correspondent disagreed that Republicans who rejected the president’s US bailout were “funding the police “.


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