How strict are the Covid border controls in France? Readers share their experiences – .

How strict are the Covid border controls in France? Readers share their experiences – .

The rules for entering France vary depending on the country you are traveling from and whether it is classified as red, amber or green under the French Covid travel system.
The rules change regularly, which makes traveling to France confusing. In addition, travelers should check the travel rules in the country they are from.

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However, real-life experiences often differ from official rules, so we asked readers to share their experiences of traveling to France under current Covid-19 restrictions, the documents they were asked to provide, and the difficulty of the process. . Here is a selection:

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Getting to France by train

I took the Eurotunnel back and forth last week – between France and UK. I uploaded my documents beforehand to the Eurotunnel website – for example, Covid antigen test result, sworn statement of no symptoms and statement to say whether or not you have been vaccinated.

These are then checked (a green check mark appears) and that means there is a minimum of hassle when traveling. I was on the train in five minutes both ways. I didn’t have to leave the car once!


I returned from England to France on July 2 with Eurotunnel. I went through British immigration – they just wanted passports, went to passport control in France and it went like:

– Passports

– I put them back

– Do you speak French?

– Yes

– Have you been vaccinated?

– Yes

– Can I see evidence?

– Yes (I passed the vaccination certificates)

– He checked them, scanned the QR codes, returned our passports and vaccine certificates and said we could go

He didn’t ask if we had or undergone a covid test, didn’t ask where we lived or our right to live in France.


We traveled from UK (England) to France on June 25, via the tunnel: Folkestone to Calais.

We were asked if we were vaccinated, but the QR code on the NHS app was neither requested nor verified.

We presented the results of the PCR tests, but these were not reviewed; the signed declaration either [attesting to not have any Covid symptoms].

French passport control requested and kept the passenger tracking form. We were asked about the nature of our trip and we answered “family visit”.


I took the Eurostar on Monday (July 12). Eurostar staff checked all three documents (vaccination certificate, Covid test, sworn statement) in the queue before moving on. Passport control in the UK did not examine any of them and French control simply looked at the vaccination certificate / Covid test. The guy in front was asked by French passport control the purpose of his trip and his final destination, but I was not.

Traveling in France by plane

We arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG) at the end of June on an Air France flight from San Francisco. We needed a ticket, passport and vaccination card to board. We still needed some to go through customs control at CDG.

We have completed an on-plane tracking and traceability information form, which Air France has collected. I think it was only to locate people on the plane if anyone on the flight tested positive within the next week.


My husband and I returned to France on July 7th after spending three weeks in the United States. Our return flights were on Air France. When checking in in San Francisco, we showed our passports and vaccination certificates (no Covid test required since we are vaccinated).

We filled out a form on the plane that asked for contact information in France, just in case a contact search was needed later. The flight attendants collected these forms (we filled out the same form on our last CDG flight to Bordeaux airport).

On arrival at CDG, we went through the usual passport control, showing only passports and residence cards. No health checks.


I am doubly vaccinated and I have the EU health passport (Digital Covid Certificate) and I have a French residence permit.

To leave France, via Paris CDG, at passport control I only show my passport and also present my residence card with it. Since January 1, when Brexit went into effect, my passport has been stamped probably 75% of the time.

Currently I did not have to produce any other documents, but during the closures I must have had forms from the French government with a reason for travel as well as a letter from my employer stating that I was a worker key in the oil and gas industry.

At the airport gate, checks have always been carried out to show proof of a negative Covid test, produce a UK government passenger locator form and proof of purchase of the 2/8 day test kit (confirmation by e-mail has always been correct).

Getting to passport control in the UK involved answering questions about my country of origin, the purpose of the visit and producing proof of Covid testing and the passenger tracking form.

Back in France, I had to do a PCR test in Aberdeen, which costs me £ 180. The current documentation required (apart from the Covid test) is only my vaccination certificate, and I must complete a passenger locator form on the Air France flight to be given to the cabin crew.

The last queues at passport control were not too bad at CDG (10 minutes maximum).

Once again, the production of negative Covid test certificates was required and a checkpoint outside of passport control was put in place to screen them.

Advice that I would offer to people traveling [between France and the UK] would be to regularly monitor both government websites for entry requirements as they change and without notice.

Line up your Covid tests in advance and it’s worth making an appointment remembering that certificates are only valid 72 hours before entry.

UK Arrival 2/8 Day Test Kits can be purchased from any of the recognized suppliers listed on the UK Government website.


I flew from Paris to Milan on July 1st with Air France and there was no control anywhere …

I was traveling on an Australian passport with a French work visa.

I returned from Milan to Paris on July 5 with Easyjet. Easyjet checked that I was vaccinated before putting my bags in but just looked at my phone. I then stood in line for over 30 minutes after my flight to Paris as if going through passport control.

I handed in my passport and had all the other documents ready. I didn’t even watch it… ..

Traveling in France by ferry

We came with DFDS, from Dover to Calais on June 17th. We had all the required documents printed: negative PCR tests; NHS vaccination certificates; and the required French declaration [stating we do not have Covid symptoms].

At the port of Dover, the first stand was that of French customs. We handed over passports and papers together. He did the usual electronic passport control and glanced quickly at the documents. That was it. Go to the registration desk at the DFDS. Only passports are checked then on the ferry. In Calais, we got off directly from the ferry and straight from the port. No control of any kind.


I took Brittany Ferries on June 9 from UK to France. Registered in Portsmouth with all required documents – passport, negative Covid test and vaccination certificate.

On the French side, I just gave the same documents – I couldn’t say if they had checked or not but I was asked where I lived, in France or in England. I told them that I had a second home in France. No control of the vehicle at all. Stamped passport and returned documents.


We drove through France on June 8, making sure we had all the correct documents.

We took the Dover – Calais route via DFDS and arrived at the port in time for all of our papers to be checked.

When we got to the kiosk, the British only asked for our passports. It was the same at the French kiosk, and our passports were stamped.
At the reservation kiosk, I asked which documents should be presented first, “just passports” was the answer, and our boarding passes were issued.

When we arrived in France no one asked for any documents and we were allowed out after a brief check that we did not have more than € 10,000 with us or that we had new goods.


I traveled from UK to France by ferry on July 1st.

Passport, sworn statement, the result of the negative antigen test and the double vaccination certificate were all checked at the port of Ouistreham on entry into France.


I traveled to France on June 16th and returned to UK on July 1st using the P&O Ferries Dover to Calais service.

On the outward journey, the first stop in Dover was French customs, where my PCR test result and the NHS Covid vaccination certificates on my phone were checked. The declaration on honor was not requested.

When I arrived in France, I was asked where I was going, if I had a second home and if I was bringing money, everything answered very quickly.

It wasn’t until I returned to the UK that I realized my passport had not been stamped [on my way into France], which baffled the French customs officer in Calais, but it clearly wasn’t my fault, so officially I haven’t traveled to the EU yet this year.

After the baffled French customs officer, it’s the turn of the P&O guy, who is very careful and seems to be following unfamiliar instructions to the letter. He wanted to see my passport, the result of the French PCR test and the NHS Covid certificate as well as my passenger locator form. After that everything went as usual and there were no checks on arrival in the UK.

Getting to France by road (within the EU)

I recently drove from France to Spain, then from Spain to France, and there was no border control. No one asked me for anything one way or the other.


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