How Scotland became the Covid capital of Europe – .

How Scotland became the Covid capital of Europe – .

Experts point out that there are other factors at play in these areas as well. Across the UK, vaccination rates are lower in major cities.

“It’s all about inequality,” Prof Bauld said, noting that infectious diseases “really like” densely populated inner-city neighborhoods.

Professor Sridhar said deprivation remained a risk factor with other issues, including the high level of general poor health of the Scottish population, also contributing.

Hold your breath

Cases are one thing, hospitalizations another, and Scotland, with its very high caseload, could provide an early indicator of what is happening in the UK over the next month.

“We are all holding our breath to see if vaccines and mass testing will be enough to ensure hospitals are not overwhelmed,” said Professor Sridhar.

So far in England and Scotland, hospitalizations are increasing but not skyrocketing depending on the case.

There are 1,500 people hospitalized with Covid-19 in England and 202 in Scotland, with 264 and 20 on ventilators respectively. There were 3 deaths in Scotland and 11 in England on June 30.

Scientists are cautious about further unlocking, but agree that a return to full locks is hard to imagine. A large enough increase in the number of cases, however, could spell disaster for the NHS.

“There is no right option – it is true for all countries,” said Professor Sridhar. “But I don’t like the idea of ​​’Freedom Day’. Pandemics do not end with a parade.


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