How Republican Opposition To Coronavirus Vaccine Got To This Point – .

How Republican Opposition To Coronavirus Vaccine Got To This Point – .

“It’s amazing what we have done,” he said. “You see the results. “

Other Republicans have not been so firm in their response to Mr. Trump’s vaccine message. Last year, Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin praised Trump “Shiny” Operation Warp Speed. This year he has made a number of questionable claims about vaccine-related adverse reactions and deaths.

In March, Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene congratulated Mr. Trump for save lives with vaccines. This month, she urged Americans to “just say no” to the vaccine, using Nazi-era footage to criticize the Biden administration’s efforts to reach unvaccinated people.

“People have a choice, they don’t need your brown medical shirts to show up at their doorstep to order vaccines,” she tweeted. “You can’t force people to be part of the human experience. “

Less than a week later, Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the leader of the Republican minority, encouraged Americans to get vaccinated, citing his experience as a polio survivor as a child.

“We don’t have one, not two, but three very effective vaccines, so I’m puzzled at how difficult it is for us to finish the job,” he said.

Yet when asked by a reporter if part of the protest could have come from the comments of members of his own party, Mr McConnell objected.

“I have already answered the question about how I feel about this,” he said. “I can only speak for myself, and I just did a few minutes ago. “


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