Honduran baby found alone, crying and hundreds of miles from home in Mexico reunited with family

Honduran baby found alone, crying and hundreds of miles from home in Mexico reunited with family

A toddler found abandoned and half-naked on a secluded road in Mexico has been reunited with his mother in Honduras.

Wilder was found crying, alone and surrounded by garbage near a cargo truck that contained dozens of people trying to make their way to the US border.

The two-year-old and his father were trying to migrate to the United States from their hometown of Cabanas, but went their separate ways during the trip.

Wilder was found half-naked, crying and surrounded by trash by a roadside in Mexico

After spending nearly three weeks in the custody of Mexican authorities, Wilder’s arrival at the house was celebrated with a cake and fireworks. It is in good condition.

Lorena Garcia, the toddler’s mother, said: “I will never let my child go again. I am so happy to have him with me. By eating beans and corn, we will get by. “

Her husband Noel Ladino – who hoped to find work in the United States – remains in detention in Mexico, and Ms. Garcia expressed hope that they too would be reunited soon.

The young family were surviving on a precarious salary of around $ 4 (£ 2.90) a day when Mr Ladino was able to find a job, but such opportunities in their rural town are rare.

Some 94% of the region’s population are poor, and hundreds of thousands of Hondurans have left for the United States to escape poverty, violence and corruption, but many are being turned away.

Wilder’s family celebrated his homecoming with a cake and fireworks

In recent months, the number of unaccompanied children arriving at the US-Mexico border has increased.

When asked if they would try to migrate to the United States again, Ms. Garcia replied, “No, not anymore. Risking the lives of children. We have said what we have experienced. It is better to be poor and continue to live. ”


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