Highly contagious Delta variant could ruin summer in France, government warns – .

Highly contagious Delta variant could ruin summer in France, government warns – .

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                La variante Delta hautement contagieuse représente désormais environ 40% des nouvelles infections au COVID-19 en France, a déclaré mercredi le porte-parole du gouvernement Gabriel Attal, et pourrait mettre en péril l'été si une quatrième vague d'infections était autorisée à se développer.

                                    <p>Attal a déclaré qu'aller de l'avant avec la campagne de vaccination était le meilleur moyen d'éviter un retour à des restrictions sévères en matière de mouvement et de socialisation.  Il a exhorté tous les citoyens hésitants à se faire vacciner.

The share of this variant has doubled every week over the past three weeks in France, from 10% of infections three weeks ago to 20% last week and 40% this week, he said.

“This variant is dangerous and fast and wherever it is present it can ruin the summer,” Attal said at a press conference.

Attal said COVID-19 infection rates were skyrocketing in 11 metropolitan areas and the situation was rapidly deteriorating in the Ile-de-France region around Paris, with infection rates in the capital nearly doubling over the past week.

“We are getting more and more red flags and we could see the same trajectory as in some neighboring countries,” he said.

Cases in Britain are skyrocketing, while in Spain and Portugal accelerating infection rates have already forced authorities to impose new restrictions such as curfews.

Senior ministers will meet on Monday to discuss the threat of a fourth wave and Attal said the government is considering all possible scenarios, including a possible compulsory vaccination for health workers.

From a seven-day average of over 42,000 new infections per day by mid-April, the infection rate had fallen to just over 1,800 by the end of June. But since then, this trend has reversed. The number of new daily cases is again over 2,500 and increasing at double-digit percentage rates per week.




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