Help I can’t get enough of these sex and town memes – .

Help I can’t get enough of these sex and town memes – .

Whether we like it or not, the Sex and the city the rest is at our doorstep. Iconic HBO Series, Which Spawned Two Follow-Up Movies, Returns To HBO Max In Upcoming Series And just like that, which sees Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) come together to explore love, sex and friendship in their 50s. Notably absent is Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones, who has refused to return for the series.

Filming is already underway, and HBO Max has released a promotional photo of the three women walking the streets of New York City. But there is something… wrong with the photo. Have the three women been photoshoped? Was it taken from the valley of the strange? According to HBO, this is really a photo of them together, so what exactly disrupts the picture? Is it just the absence of the positive sex icon Samantha? We couldn’t help but wonder… what’s wrong with this photo?

As always, we make the mistake of turning to Twitter for answers. And while this damn bird site doesn’t seem to explain this image, fans took it as their own Photoshop challenge. The results are pretty hilarious, as are suggestions from other actors to replace Cattrall. We’ll take a look:

It’s hard to say which one will be more satisfying: the series itself or the countless internet memes and jokes that the series will trigger. Frankly, I’m showing up for all of this.

(image : HBO Max)

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