He found 158 bowling balls under his house. Now he has to figure out what to do with them – .

He found 158 bowling balls under his house. Now he has to figure out what to do with them – .

A Michigan owner says he feels “blessed enough” after finding 158 bowling balls under his house.
“I’m having a great day in the sun and I’m full of balls,” said David Olson, 33. As it happens guest host Duncan McCue on Tuesday.

Olson was tearing down the rickety steps of his Muskegon, Michigan home when he first noticed something strange coming out of the earth – a blue and black sphere. It was a bowling ball.

“And then I see another one… and then one after the other I started taking them out,” he said.

“Basically I kept digging as far as I could get this way and then decided to go get a hammer and cracked. [the steps] opened, and that’s where I just discovered the sea of ​​bullets. “

Olson removed dozens of blue and black bowling balls from the back of his house. (Submitted by David Olson)

The stairs appear to have been supported by a network of grid-shaped bowling balls. Olson counted 158, mostly blue and black, with a handful of “pink and black lady’s balls,” he said.

They are labeled Brunswick Bowling Products, which is the name of a company that operated a bowling ball factory in Muskegon that closed in 2006, he said.

Olson says longtime residents of the city told him the company let employees and their friends take home imperfect bullets that they couldn’t put on the market. He says the bullets he found all have “visible flaws” and grooves.

“I guess the previous owner of the house figured out it was cheaper than dirt and decided to use it as backfill instead of sand or gravel,” he said. “I think the regulations were a bit more lax during this period. “

The original owner, who built the property, has since died, so Olson has no way of confirming his theory. As it happens has contacted Brunswick Bowling Products for comment.

The stairs seemed to be supported by a network of grid-shaped balls. (Submitted by David Olson)

While he wasn’t exactly wealthy from his discovery, Olson said he wanted to make the most of it. He is currently soliciting ideas online on what to do with his many balls.

A person on Facebook suggested that he use them to line a garden. It’s his favorite pitch so far, he said.

“That way I can kind of pick the pretty side and keep it up because a lot of them are pretty battered,” he said. “I thought it was a creative way to just store them while I was trying to think of other ideas. “

He is also considering some artistic projects. He could use them to make sculptures – maybe lollipops or the structure of a molecule, he said.

“But before I put any of them in a vertical sculpture, I want to make sure they won’t fall and hurt my kids,” he said.

Written by Sheena Goodyear. Interview conducted by John McGill.


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